Best Paintball Gun Under 200

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Paintball games are a great pastime. It is the perfect blend of cardio, Adrenalin, and fun. These games often offer bonding opportunities between the players. It also sharpens the mind as it requires critical thinking, strategy, and quick reactions.

Paintball guns come in many varieties. But, as with everything, there almost always a budget constraint. The guns with mid-range prices are prevalent as they provide excellent performance for the money.

Looking for the best gun in the market could get tedious. You will find many branded and non-branded paintball guns in the market. To make your work a little easier, we have put together a list of the best paintball gun under 200 dollars.

Best pick

Tippmann Stormer Elite .68 Caliber

 Tippmann Stormer Elite

Key Features:

1. Dual feeder system
2. Internal gas line
3. Rugged build
4. Inline bolt design

Its modular design allows for many customizations. You could switch between the magazine-fed system or a loader. So you could not only use it for paintball games but also airsoft games.

What To Expect From The Best Paintball Gun Under 200?

First of all, the best paintball gun should match your playing style. It should give you proper maneuverability and versatility on the field. The marker should be lightweight and easy to carry.

It would be best if it uses HPA tanks to push the balls through the barrel. The accuracy and range should be enough to hit the target under all situations. More often than not, these guns tend to get jammed. To avoid this problem, the marker should have the hopper that provides the best performance.

Even if you intend to use it for recreational use, the gun should be able to perform in competitive arenas.

Budget pick

Tippmann Stormer Elite .68 Caliber

Spyder Victor Semi-Auto 

Key Features:

1. Efficient valve system
2. Tool-free striker plug design
3. Rubber grip panel
4. Velocity adjuster

This is a gun with affordable price with many features. It has a stable build quality and an ergonomically designed trigger frame.  Using the velocity adjuster could be handy in many variations of games.

Best Paintball Gun Under 200: The Review

#1 Tippmann Stormer Elite .68 Caliber Dual Fed Paintball Marker

We chose this as the top pick because its modular design and customizability make it a great paintball gun. Its high impact body can endure rough situations with ease.Tippmann Stormer Elite .68 Caliber


  • Modular design
  • Customizable
  • Has a dual-feed system
  • High impact composite frame

This gun has a dual feed modular design. You could use both hopper or magazine to load ammo. Hopper gives you a lot of ammo; the magazine provides freedom of movement. So, you can choose between the options as you like.

The modular design allows you to give different looks to your gun. It has a flip-up sight that is really handy when aiming. Its six-position collapsible stock gives a real military look.

It offers a great range, accuracy, and speed. You will be able to shoot at ~300 feet per second speed at close to medium range. So, you will get an edge over the opponent.

The body of this gun is highly durable. It has a high-impact composite body. This gun is made with excellent quality materials. You can throw it in all kinds of situations and still use it without losing performance. The gas line is internal. It makes this gun ergonomic and comfortable to carry.

→ Pro Tips

  • The gun weighs 7 pounds; it is not light by paintball standard. The magazine tends to get jammed sometimes.
  • Attaching a strap would make it easy to carry. Using a suitable feeder would solve the jamming problem.
  • Get a strap to counter the weight. Get a sniper if you really want First Strike balls.
  • If you ever want to play airsoft games, just switch to the magazine.
⇒ Pros

+ Very accurate

+ Rugged and durable

+ Dual feed

⇒ Cons

– Overweight

– First Strike incompatible

Who should buy it?

In paintball games, it does not matter if you are a newbie or pro. If you want a reliable gun, this is the one you should get. Visit here to see if it really fits.

#2 Spyder Victor Semi-Auto Paintball Marker

We picked it as runner-up because it is an entry-level gun. However, it offers almost all standard features at an affordable price.Spyder Victor Semi-Auto Paintball Marker


  • The all standard features
  • Shoots more than 1500 shots
  • Very air source efficient
  • Rubber grip panel

This gun has a simple design and is built with aluminum. Due to the design, it is straightforward to use. The use of aluminum has kept the weight to a minimum. You could easily carry it around.

Using the EKO Valve System, this gun can shoot 1500+ shots. The ordinary gas system allows around 800 shots. So, you will be saving a lot of money on the air tanks. The hose line is steel braided. This adds another layer to its protection. You won’t have to think about the gas line getting damaged during the games.

The overall build is very ergonomic. You will have a rubber grip panel for the two-finger trigger; it makes shooting very comfortable. The barrel is designed with high impact polymer. Which means your shots will be accurate and fast.

→ Pro Tips:

  • The design is a bit rickety. There is no forward grip. So, tighten the hose and all screws before using it. Buy a forward for extra comfort.
  • Use with care when you are out in the field.
  • Use the EKO valve system to shoot 1500+ using one 20 oz CO2 tank.
⇒ Pros

+ Low price

+ Simple build

+ No batteries needed

⇒ Cons

– Mediocre build

– Can get scratch

Who should buy it?

It is an entry-level gun at a low price. If you just want to enjoy the game and keep the expenditure low. Then, this gun is for you. Visit this page to learn more about it.

#3 Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker Gun

This is a very customizable gun that provides rounded performance. It can shoot at ~280 feet per second speed on target. You could hit targets up to 60-80 feet away with maximum accuracy. Though it can accurately hit targets up to 150 feet away.Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker

The manufacturer preferred inline bolt design for this gun. For this reason, you will see no gas pipe leading into it. This design also made it very easy to carry.

It comes with a vertical grip. The vertical grip will provide much-needed stability when shooting. It will also help to increase accuracy. You could setup Picatinny rails for a comfortable grip and easier mounting. You will have the freedom to use attachments on the rails. The grip has a rubber on it. So, you will have a firm and comfortable grip.

If you want, you could put give it a tactical look for the purpose of realism. However, it would not affect performance in any way.

With all these features, there are some drawbacks too. This gun is not compatible with the Tippmann Cyclone feeder. The shooting range is not the longest. It only has a semi-automatic mode.

#4 US Army Alpha Elite Paintball Marker

If you are really into military simulation, you should take an in-depth look at this paintball gun. It has a very realistic look at the M16 rifle. The Collapsible Stock, Shroud, Magazine & Carry Handle are made following the style of M16.US Army Alpha Elite Paintball Marker

This gun is made with die-cast aluminum. So, it will last for a long time. It has an effective range of 150 feet. You won’t have difficulty hitting targets in woodball and speedball games.

A great thing about this unit is that it supports CO2, Nitrogen, or compressed air. You won’t have difficulty setting up the air tanks. It also supports both gravity feed and electronic hoppers.  This paintball gun offers high accuracy and a medium recoil level. It would be very suitable for beginners or intermediate level players.

Though it is a decent gun, the barrel performance is somewhat average. To get the best barrel performance, you should change to a ceramic or Teflon coated barrel. Because they provide very little friction and improves range and accuracy.

#5 GOG eNMEy Paintball Marker

This gun is powered by gas as there is no spring involved. It greatly enhances the accuracy and stability of the marker. Its pneumatic design eliminates the use of spring, hammers, or batteries. As a result, there are very few risks of a component breaking down. With proper care, it will last for a long time.GOG eNMEy Paintball Marker

It is a very low maintenance gun considering mechanical or battery-powered ones. You could upgrade the 0.50 caliber to 0.68 calibers. So, versatility with paintballs would not be a problem for you. The GOG eNMEy has minimal recoil, which makes it an excellent choice for entry-level users.

You will have a few customization options too. To shorten trigger pull, the grip panel can be removed. This lightweight gun is straightforward to carry around. You would not feel exhausted after a few rounds.

But no gun is perfect; this one is not, too. Depressurizing the tank before removing it is hard. Because there is no switch to put it on or off. It also uses braided steel instead of a macro line for air.

#6 Umarex T4E HDS Shotgun Paintball Gun Marker

 This paintball marker is most different than any other else on the list. It is a paintball shotgun. You can put two 0.68 caliber balls each barrel and shoot rubber ball, paintball, chalk ball, or pepper balls. Both barrels can shot individually or simultaneously.

You will be able to shoot a projectile at ~210 feet per second. The speed is a bit slow comparing other guns. It comes with a pressure indicator and Picatinny rail under the barrel. Attachments like laser or lights could be put on the rail. This attachment will make handling it easier for you. The trigger has a safety mechanism built into it. You won’t have to worry about accidental discharge in any way.

It is more of a home defense tool than a competitive toy. The weight is too much to be a primary arm, and reloading time is too slow for a secondary arm. If you are willing to change the playing style, you might get an edge on close encounters. Its best use would be at scaring off animals or for home security.


What To Consider Before Buying The Best Paintball Gun Under 200

What To Consider Before Buying The Best Paintball Gun Under 200?

A sub-par gun would ruin your experience. Here are the key features you should look for when buying. Everything else is at your discretion.

Gun type: There are three types of guns available to use at paintball arenas. They are pump, mechanical, and electric paintball guns. To keep it simple, their description is given below:

  • Pump: After every shot, you will have to manually load the next round. It has the slowest firing rate of all. You will be at a disadvantage if you are the only one using this gun.
  • Mechanical: They have a decent firing rate and suitable for all arena. Some even offer burst or semi-automatic mode. It is recommended if you are starting out with this sport.
  • Electric: Electric paintball guns have the best firing rate between all three types. These guns have a complex build and have some serious advantages over the mechanical ones. But they are also expensive.

Playing style: To get the best experience, the paintball gun must suit your playing style. If you prefer playing as the loner, a long-range sniper would be the best. In case you like being the Rambo, choose the gun with the best firing rate. Read here if you want to know how to play paintball.

Playground: There are two types of arenas; speedball and woodball. Speedball needs maneuverability and versatility of the gun and player. On the other hand, guns with long-range and precision are best for woodball.

Barrel material: Barrels are usually made from ceramic, stainless steel, aluminum, or fiberglass.  Fiberglass is the best barrel material as it is light and provides the best accuracy. Barrels that weigh less add maneuverability and versatility to the gun. Check the best paintball barrel review here.

Hopper/Loader: Agitated and force-feed hoppers are the best candidates. The agitated hopper literally agitates the balls. They are significantly less likely to get jammed. Force-feed hopper really forces ammo into the gun. It is the best choice for professionals. Check the best paintball hopper review here.

Air Tank: The pressure air tanks provide the necessary power that throws the balls out of the barrel. One type of tank use CO2 for this procedure. Another type is known as HPA or High-Pressure Air tank. HPA is better than CO2 because they provide a consistent and stable performance than CO2.

⇒ Check what you need to wear for safety while playing paintball


The paintball guns are the heart of paintball games. Imagine the gun getting jammed during an intense fight. This is not a fun scenario at all. It is a very significant part of the game to get the right gun.

Managing the quality and budget is the key. You could pick any gun from our best paintball gun under 200 reviews. As these guns are chosen from the best guns at this budget, you surely will feel it worth.