Top 7 Best Paintball Gun for Both Beginners and Experts

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Paintball is a game of tactics and shooting skills. As the right weapon can change the result of war, the best paintball gun can play a big role in winning the tournament.

Among lots of different options, brands, and game tactics, it is hard to declare one model as the best of all. That is why we have researched the whole industry and found out several categories based on the price, mechanism, and design.

In this article, we also have gathered all the information to help you become a pro. Don’t get scared seeing the length of this piece because the interesting facts and tips won’t let you get bored for a second.

Our Recommendation for Best Paintball Gun

best paintball gun review

Top Rated Paintball Markers Reviews of 2021

1. Tippmann Stormer Elite

Features at A Glance

  • 0.68 caliber gun
  • Internal gas line
  • Composite body
  • Dual-feed modular designTippmann Stormer Elite .68 Caliber

For serious games, this 0.68 caliber marker can be a perfect choice. The main reason is that it can shoot further with more accuracy. As the gun and balls are bigger, it hurts more than other smaller ones.

With the Tippmann Stormer Elite, you can get the closest feel to a real gun. The hopper is mounted on the right making way for targeting more accurately. It is a heavy and well-built gun with an internal gas line, making it look like a military weapon.

The firearm avails magazine-style loading that increases the capacity of the shots per refill. You will appreciate its accuracy that is hard to find in similar types of paintball guns. For the price, it is the best in terms of durability, features, and performance.

2. Spyder Victor Semi-Auto

Features at A Glance

  • Anodized matte finish
  • Aluminum extruded body
  • 10″ micro ported barrel
  • Two-finger trigger

Spyder Victor Semi-Auto Paintball MarkerSpyder Victor is one of the most efficient semi-auto markers that doesn’t weigh as much as the top pick. That is why it can shoot up to 1500 shots using only 20 oz. CO2 tank. So, you can imagine how it would support with compressed air.

The reason it weighs less is the aluminum body and 10″ barrel. But don’t underestimate it as the gun can shoot with the same power as the 0.68 calibers Tippmann Stormer Elite. So, don’t judge by only seeing its size on Amazon.

Some have complained about its performance and durability. But the thing is that you need to spend some time cleaning and properly maintaining the gun. The ergonomic design, grip, and consistent performance would help you and your team be the champion.

3. Planet Eclipse EMEK 100

Features at A Glance

  • PAL loading system
  • Tool-free maintenance
  • SL4 inline regulator
  • Rubber grip

Planet Eclipse EMEK 100Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 is among very few markers that support only compressed air. Some may find it inconvenient and expensive, but you have already known that compressed air performs better than CO2. So, if you are serious about the game, you should not compromise the gun’s performance.

Moreover, it comes with a PAL loading system that has a more advanced hopper design. Without any power, it can load the balls faster than other hoppers. So, you will be able to shoot more frequently and not miss the chance to mark your opponent.

Not to mention, it is a 0.68-caliber gun with a 10″ barrel. Considering all of its features and specifications, you can get it as an entry-level mechanical marker for beginners.

4. Tippmann A-5

Features at A Glance

  • Cyclone feed system
  • Longer front grip
  • Lightweight body
  • 8.5-inch stock barrel

Tippmann A-5 .68 Caliber Paintball MarkerHere, we have got another 0.68-caliber marker from Tippmann that costs more than 200 bucks. It has a unique cyclone hopper design that works without any power. The system is so efficient that you can shoot up to 15 shots per second.

Its ergonomic design and better grip with a lightweight body will ensure the highest performance on the field. A proof of its intelligent modular design is that you can strip the whole gun without any tools.

When it comes to safety, the marker comes with an easy-to-access external switch. Moreover, the offset design of the hopper which has a low-profile will let you have clear eyesight.

5. Empire Sniper

Features at A Glance

  • Low-pressure operation
  • Auto-trigger
  • 10-round feed system
  • Dual stainless-steel pump rods

Empire Paintball Sniper Pump MarkerIt is not a sniper, but its performance is close to a sniper in the game of paintball. The long 14″ barrel comes with 3 different sizes of inserts to excel in different situations. As the gun can shoot even in a low pressure, it provides more shots than others.

Moreover, Empire Sniper Pump Paintball Marker comes with an automatic trigger system for the rapid-fire facility. The Delrin pump handle is helpful for smooth pump actions.

The gun has a lightweight body that is made of aluminum. Its double-barrel design makes it stable and sturdy to ensure tournament-level performance.

6. Umarex T4E HDS Shotgun

Features at A Glance

  • Shoots paintballs as well as rubber balls
  • 0.68 caliber
  • Picatinny accessory mount
  • Double-barrel action

Umarex T4E HDS Shotgun .68 Caliber Training Pistol Paintball Gun MarkerA shotgun-style paintball marker can be a pleasant and bold addition to your marker collection. The double-barrel 0.68 caliber gun is capable of shooting not only paintballs but also rubber balls. So, you can participate in different games too.

Those who have a budget issue should go for this model. It is because the gun itself costs less and supports CO2 cartridges. The quick piercing CO2 chamber doesn’t take long to load small tanks.

In terms of accuracy and speed, you can rely on this one for only close-range shooting. The reason is its 200-fps shooting capability. But don’t underestimate as your opponent would feel the shot like a high-end gun.

Best Paintball Pistols

7. Umarex T4E

Features at A Glance

  • Realistic size and weight
  • 8-round drop free magazine
  • Metal barrel and metal slide
  • 0.43 caliber paintballs

Umarex T4E .43 Caliber Training Pistol Paintball Gun MarkerHow great would it be if you could be trained with spending less than 10 cents per round? It is possible if you buy Umarex T4E .43 Caliber Training Pistol, and the marker’s efficiency can get you every round for only 9 cents.

Each round can shoot 8 shots which are supported by the drop-free magazine. The release and loading system of the magazine mimics the real pistols.

The gun also comes with a Picatinny accessory rail so that you can mount lasers, lights, or other accessories. Though it is a 0.43 caliber pistol, it can shoot at 355 fps which is more than enough for practice. That is why we are recommending it with the utmost importance.

Price Ranges

We all have different budgets, so if you want a more in-depth look at a specific price range, check out our dedicated pages below:

paintball gun buying guide

Paintball Gun Buyers Guide

Choosing the best model

Pump, mechanical, and electronic are the 3 main categories of the best paintball guns. Now, it is time to know more about the types.

1. Pump paintball gun

It is the oldest type of marker that is suitable for only skillful players. The category has got its name for the use of a pump to load the paintballs. One has to pull the pump manually and shoot one at a time.

That is why experts do not recommend beginners to buy pump markers. If you are new in this game and the opposition has something automatic or semi-automatic, you won’t stand a chance.

 2. Mechanical paintball gun

Those who love reliable, easy-to-use, and budget-friendly markers are mostly attracted to mechanical paintball guns. Besides, people love it for its low-maintenance properties too. Usually, mechanical ones are semi-automatic and shoot one ball at a time.

It uses either CO2 or compressed air as the force to shoot. The gun operates efficiently and smoothly with something called blowback design. Among all old and new designs, you would love this one as it uses the least amount of CO2 or compressed air.

3. Electronic paintball gun

High-quality electronic paintball guns are more expensive than the other two types. It uses an electronic circuit board and a 9V battery to fire the ball. The main benefit of electronic ones is that you can get a very high shooting rate. However, the trigger feels more like clicking a button, and lots of people don’t like it.

If you want to get the best paintball guns of all time, you should follow the guide we are about to describe.

5. Speedball Markers and Woodsball paintball guns

Newbies get confused about whether to get the best paintball gun for woodsball or speedball. One reason is that they don’t know the difference. The early versions of the paintball game were woodsball which was arranged in large forest areas. The modern versions occupy small arenas and are called speedballs.

Barrel Material

The material of the barrel is an important factor for accuracy and overall weight. Accuracy also depends on the size of the barrel that we are going to discuss in the next point. Out there, you can choose from 3 different material options, namely aluminum, ceramic, stainless steel, and carbon fiber.

Aluminum is one of the most affordable, and probably the lightest material among all. For beginners, it can be a great option, but you should know that it can get bent accidentally. Aluminum is not a sturdy material when it comes to the barrel.

Ceramic barrels weigh a bit more than the aluminum ones, but it is more fragile. One benefit of this material is that you would never have to clean if a ball accidentally bursts inside. Shooting the next one cleans the residue immediately.

If you want an affordable and sturdy barrel, stainless steel will be the best option. But it can weigh more than other materials which may become a disadvantage in serious games. However, it is a very reliable material that can take some beatings.

Finally, carbon fiber has no disadvantages like the other three. It is lightweight, durable, strong, and easy to clean. One little issue is that they don’t come cheap.

Barrel Length

Here, we have only two options where one is shorter shotgun-style barrels, and another is longer barrels. There are lots of differences between them.

A shorter barrel is great for short distances, and it is not very accurate when you shoot further. These are one of the best paintball guns for speedball as it takes place in small areas.

On the other hand, longer barrels shoot faster and more accurately. The trick behind its accuracy over long distances is that the paintball spends more time in the barrel to achieve its maximum speed in a guided manner.


The ported barrels have some benefits over non-ported ones. Ports are small holes at different locations of the barrel. If it is at the end of the barrel, the pressure inside gets reduced, making it quiet.

Again, if the porting is in the middle, it can add some backspin to the ball so that you can shoot further with more accuracy. Where there is no doubt about the effectiveness of porting, the design and method vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.


You have probably seen a common spec of paintball guns which is caliber. There are different values, but 0.68 caliber guns are the most popular ones.

What does it mean?

Caliber is the diameter of a paintball gun’s bore. Here, bore is the interior of the barrel. The significance of it is that high value means more powerful shots with more accuracy.

When you buy paintballs for your gun, make sure that you know the caliber and order the balls accordingly. Otherwise, there will be sudden bursts or misfires, making your marker out of service.

Hopper position

The design of the gun decides hopper position, and there are mainly 2 types. If the side feeds the balls, it is called an offset position. And, another type is called center feed where the hopper is mounted directly on top of the gun.

Both have advantages and disadvantages. Offset design is helpful for players to acquire the target using the top-mounted sights. But maintaining the balance of the gun is challenging as the weight is more on the right.

On the contrary, center feed design is perfect for maintaining balance while shooting as the hopper is not located on one side. But in this case, players need to focus on the side to target and shoot.

Other parameters to consider

The following points are already described in this detailed review article. Here, seeing all of them together can give you an overview of the essential things besides the features of the gun.

  • Set your budget and buy accordingly. We have reviewed the best models at different price points.
  • Keep the types of the best paintball guns in your mind and choose the one that fits your style.
  • Don’t forget about the accessories that are necessary for the game.
  • Check your chosen gun’s compatibility with the type of fuel (CO2 or compressed air), and buy accordingly. If both are okay, and you have enough budget, we recommend compressed air over CO2 tanks.

Finally, there are options to upgrade your marker by mounting some accessories. It may include lasers, rails, foregrips, sights, etc.

Which Is Best: Co2 Or Compressed Air?

First of all, CO2 tanks weigh more as they are made of metal. On the other hand, compressed air comes in a fiberglass bottle that weighs a lot less.

Also, liquid CO2 gets unstable in warm environments. So, the shots become less accurate as the pressure fluctuates. On the other hand, compressed air has no issues like that, and the performance is very consistent.

For those reasons, professionals always choose compressed air, although it is expensive. It can provide more shots as the gas is stable and the pressure doesn’t vary.

In short, CO2 is not a better option even though it costs less. In the long run, compressed air tanks are more cost-efficient. It is because you are getting more shots per refill, ensuring more efficiency, and accuracy.

What Are the Paintball Gear You Must Have?

Those who are thinking of playing paintball for the first time must buy the following gears. If you are an expert, check whether you are missing something and order accordingly.

1. A full-face mask is a first and the most important accessory among all. A paintball traveling at a speed of 200 fps or more can seriously damage your eyes. So, get the best paintball mask within your budget range and tick the first item on the checklist.

2. Full body clothing is also necessary as you don’t want your regular cloth to be filled with paint. Buying a full bodysuit is a good option, but TOPWISE Body SafeGuard is the wisest choice of all. Because it has padded protection in important areas, and you don’t have to buy additional shields.

3. A vest or tactical vest for tournaments is a must to carry extra ammo and other necessary gear. No matter how intense the game becomes, nothing will fall out from the pockets.

4. Keeping an additional marker is often recommended by the pros as you can’t rely on them with 100% confidence. Anything can go wrong anytime. So, always be prepared and may the odds be with you.

Finally, buying tactical boots and gloves will complete the outfit that is required for a professional game.


With the best paintball gun, you can have a great time with your friends. If your marker keeps failing, it will shift your focus from the game to the gun.

Budget is always an issue but doesn’t compromise when it comes to quality and performance. Even if our recommended model exceeds your budget, you should stretch it or wait a month or two to gather the amount.

Don’t settle with hesitations, and you can rely on our judgments. We researched a lot and found the best models in their respective categories. So, choose the specific sort of paintball markers and read our in-depth reviews.