Paintball Gear for Beginners: An Ultimate Guide

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A desire to know something is worth every penny than to wonder your mind on it and just guessing by. And, then again, nothing beats the first-hand experience that we get practice in front.

Now, paintball is well-known fun, and exciting sport that is playable both individually and group-wise opposing teams. It is a real and immersive combat experience that you can get on first-hand practically which can be fueled through one’s passion and adrenaline rush.

So, how to play paintball, right? Or, how to get into paintballing? If you are that interested in learning paintball, you have to learn about the gears, equipment, and the implementation of the gears as a beginner.

Speaking of gears, paintball requires the cooperation of these gears as it is highly dependent on them. As facial features, body types, sizes, and shapes vary in different individuals, you need to sort out the right equipment and gear as well as the techniques that are right for you.

paintball gear for beginners

Basic Paintball Equipment to Get Into Paintballing

As you go through different aspects of prices and types in the gears, you may think that the entry barrier of beginners is high. But, the price might feel expensive and overwhelming, but with the right attention and details, you can pass on this.

Now, if you have the time to go through the first-hand experience yourself according to your preferences, it would be better to rent out the gears and equipment for a limited amount of time. In that way, you can familiarize yourself with the gears and play styles yourself.

But, if your mind is settled to go out and learn how to get into paintballing in the fields, then by all means help yourself out.

Here, let’s go over different aspects of wearable gears and equipment in the process of how to buy them as a complete beginner.

1. Paintball Mask

Now, speaking of paintball masks, various manufacturers run their products through various testing and simulations in order to ensure the overall safety of their users. And in this case, various paintball masks might show up with various certifications of rigorous testing.Virtue VIO Paintball Masks

Based on the field of vision and lenses, there are three types of lenses. Such as- small, medium and large. Small ones would suit you if you are going for indoor gameplays. Medium and Large ones are for playing out in the woods and the fields as you need to focus widely.

The Paintball mask should cover your whole face and the sides as well for better protection if you go through the trouble of getting it. Again, you might need to try to out the specialty stores if you can’t decide. In this case, these specialty stores can be helpful.

While viewing the paintball masks, the first and foremost method is to check whether the reliability of the masks. Most masks tend to break at rapid shots and close up shots while in combat. Be sure to choose a high-quality lens so that it helps in your field of vision.

In addition, paintball masks on long term usage tend to get sticky from all the sweat, dust, and paints. So, it is recommended to make sure to read about the user manuals and check on the advice from the specialists on that matter in order to get a hassle-free paintball mask.

While comparing the equipment of the pro players, please watch out for the features in those, as they share some market value in it. For beginners, you can find good quality paintball masks even under 300 dollars while retaining those features too.

2. Paintball Gun

Now, as a beginner, you might feel like you are put to a test while going through paintball guns. And as a beginner, you would need a simple one at that to make up for your experience as it is already hard enough to find out local supermarkets which can offer you to test those.Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker

Moreover, most of the supermarket doesn’t offer much decisions or suggestions but they do offer simple guns at best for beginners. And trying out these guns in these supermarkets is a no-go in this case, except specialty stores.

Some specialty stores offer to test the paintball markers, so you might want to check those out in the process. Investing in a high profile paintball marker is not going to be a good choice unless you are going down to the woods or fields on full-scale combat.

If you are going to settle down for the cheap paintball guns so that you can get yourself to paintball, please do make sure to take note of their jamming issues and attachable features. Mechanical paintball guns are easier to handle and maintain. Those are cheaper in general.

Some paintball markers are hopper-fed and come with magazines too. There are dual fed options in case if you are comfortable with those. While magazine ones tend to run out pretty quickly, hopper fed ones are very good in terms of numbers of shots.

Again, some mechanical paintball guns require attachable tanks of compressed gases. These tanks come in compressed carbon dioxide (CO2) and HPA ones. While CO2 ones can be cheaper, they can make the markers less accurate than those with HPA ones.

If you want more speed and power in your gameplays, you can go for the electronic ones as they tend to make up for it. But, assembling the parts for the electronic ones are quite hard. On the other hand, electro-mechanical ones are comfortable and are easy to deal with.

Electromechanical ones don’t require that much maintenance, and they can be less accurate but possess more power. On the other hand, pump paintball markers are quite good at conserving and focusing on shots and accuracy.

3. Buying Paintballs

While paintballs don’t require extra care and maintenance, it certainly does need to be bought in bulk as the shots require consistency during gameplays. And based on the gameplay styles, shooting speed, and calibers, there are 3 types of paintballs.

These 3 types, such as- Recreational, Tournament grade, and Reusable paintballs come in different colors, sizes, and calibers like the .68” and .50” etc.While choosing the best paintballs, you might want to make sure they are size and shape-wise consistent and meets your guns’ criteria.Valken Graffiti Paintballs

Again, paintballs with thin shells that can break on impact are the common use case scenario even at sports. While colors are different for team tag usage, opaque fills with thickness backing in it are the ideal ones.

Tournament grade paintballs are expensive than recreational ones. Tournament ones are used for real combat and competitive gameplays internationally, while recreational ones are commonly used in fun and mock practice matches.

For those who don’t want to waste shots and ammo, and don’t like to get paints sticking or in indoor practices, reusable paintballs are sure to get the job done.

Do note that, paintballs acquired in bulks are cost-effective and they need to be bought according to the marker or gun’s caliber size. Paintballs tend to swell or shrink according to environmental impacts. So, it is recommended to store them in dry and cool places.

If you are going to check on different manufactured paintballs, be sure to check on DXS Basic training paintballs and Valken Infinity paintballs. And whatever paintballs you use check them up with bore barrels and buy them at a larger bulk than expected amount.

You can try experimenting on different paintball types, in that way you can come to an understanding of which paintballs might suit your budget and needs.

4. Which wearables should you choose as a Beginner?

Now, when you start to get around the question of how to get into paintballing, let’s help ourselves with wearables. When it comes to paintballing, you cannot be so sure without being extra careful with the protective gears as it defends the body from lethal blows.

Moreover, as you play outdoors or in the woods, you will never even know when and where the paintballs are going to hit you. As competitive gameplays require constant movement and focus, you are going to get scratched or slide here and there even on the fields.

Cover up your chest and legs with pads or even thick cloths which can be reused at other times too. It is recommended to wear long-sleeved shirts or sweatshirts with hoodies alongside. In that way, you can avoid stinging pains from high-velocity guns.

Depending on environmental variances, you might want to keep a bag of clothes to use as a backup at certain needs, in that way you can tackle the stingy pain and avoid having red dots all over your body. Be sure to use full cover gloves and baggy pants or sweatpants too.

It is never too late to check up on all equipment and jamming issues in the paintball guns and hopper and wear clothes that match up with your surroundings which in turn gives you an upper hand in fooling opponents in combats.

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