Empire EVS Paintball Mask

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What’s the worst thing that can happen with the thing that you bought which doesn’t serve its purpose at the time of extreme needs? Yeah, that’s a tight spot right there.

Now, let’s draw attention to the Nice and pretty sick “Empire EVS Paintball Mask”. This is the super sick paintball mask that “Empire” had introduced in the sports industry. This mask has earned the company quite tremendous fame for its futuristic looks and features.

A Quick Look at Empire EVS

While diving into the market, if you look for a mask for a wide field of vision and clarity, this mask is going to come right of the bat. It offers a wide field of vision up to 270-degrees coming with the spherical lens which is also distortion-free.

It comes with two lenses included of which one is a Clear Thermal Lens and the other is the Ninja Smoke Thermal Lens which is pretty sick! The thermal lens a pretty common ground for players especially in tournaments and in the woods.

The field of vision of the Empire EVS paintball mask is an absolute beast in terms of clarity, vision, and wide viewing angle. It has been equipped with nice and sleek spherical lenses and does not that it is distortion-free and does not get foggy even in extreme conditions.Empire EVS Paintball Mask

The looks of this paintball mask are very pleasing and aesthetic, and it looks incredible out there in the field and it offers a wide range of masks with different colors and different types.

Empire offers a wide variety of lenses in the market out there which comes out in different versions with the mask-like clear, smoke, yellow, tinted, and mirrored dual-pane system going by the Enhanced Vision System, EVC.

And as this paintball mask comes out with the spherical lenses and dual pane system, the fog is not going to be an issue here as it does maintain a clear and distortion-free vision and the swapping method of these lenses is hassle-free.

Again, on the inside, it has a quick twist slider and popping mechanism on both sides which makes the swapping method very easy and requires no extra effort. And the mask does not require any sort of tools for the removal of lenses.

Advantages Disadvantage
  • Mask is scratch-proof, bouncy, and well-balanced.
  • Distortion-free and clear vision and the eye is well protected.
  • Option to equip several types of lenses.
  • Comes with a sleek and nice microfiber bag.
  • Has a moisture-wicking fleece triple-layered removable foams
  • Wide field of vision up to 270-degrees and does not get foggy.
  • May not adapt to some facial features
  • Mask is made of lightweight material which in turn get damaged to extreme and rapid-fire shots.

This mask is flexible throughout all areas and does not block in any sensory details and does not make any blunder in terms of movement, it has pretty good ventilation going on in the mouth area and backed by triple denser foams which does not get sticky at all in LT uses.

In terms of balances, this paintball mask offers comfort on the ear and mouth and eye area and the ear flaps provide a huge comfort as it consists of the soft molded material and the ventilation is very good and paints are not going to be a blunder for this one.

Again, the face foam can be removed and it has moisture-wicking fleece which will not get sticky at all from sweats in the long-term use scenario. And there are chin straps coming with it for a nice and tucked grip in the head and chin.

The head strap is of the silicone ones, not so slippery or smooth, and it is sturdy and secured on backing up behind the head.

This Empire EVS paintball mask comes in two variants- one is the HUD and the other is without the HUD. The paintball mask does come with a mask bag. It has offered a lot of customization features and you can swap the earpieces and lenses to your needs.

You can customize the earpiece and the head straps as much as you want. Again, the triple-layered foam can be removed and stick back up according to your needs and facial features.

Talking about facial features, some people might feel echo while using this mask as one’s facial features are different and this paintball mask is not attachable to any helmets and it does not come with a built-in camera.

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