11 Best Paintball Mask You Should Check Out Before Your Next Paintballing

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The paintball mask serves to shield your head and critical areas like eyes, nose, ears, etc. A good mask is vital in increasing your chances of winning and guaranteeing your personal safety. Again, a wrong model will take an unfavorable turn.

Many paintball masks come at a reasonable price without sacrificing quality and functionality. Again, some premium products would cost you more. Fret not! This gear comes in various styles and types, and we have come up with the best paintball masks reviews to help you choose the right from the crowd.

If you are always in a hurry and want to make the right decision within seconds, look at the Empire EVS Paintball MaskWe guarantee you that your paintball experience will become more fun and exciting if you invest in the paintball mask.

Top pick: Empire EVS Paintball Mask

empire evs paintball goggle

Key Features:

  • Built-in spherical and dual-pane lens
  • 270-degree field of vision
  • Detachable Thermal Lens

If you want a spacious mask that can deliver high accuracy, the Empire EVS is the right choice. This one will be an excellent paintball mask for experienced users. They can now enjoy the game without the distraction of fogging.

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Best Paintball Mask Reviews

Top 11 Best Paintball Masks Review In 2022

1. Empire EVS

Empire EVS Paintball Mask

Key Features

  • Breathing vents
  • Triple Density Moisture Wicking Foam
  • No Echo Thermo-Formed Ear
  • Non-Slip Adjustable Back Strip

Empire is a trusted name in the field of the paintball industry, and countless customers around the globe have their products for quality. The Empire EVS takes place in our top list for its lucrative aspects. One of the tremendous traits is its roomy interior. So, it can accommodate all sizes and shapes of eyeglasses.

The lenses are scratch-resistant and anti-reflective and block 100% UVA radiation. This ASTM approval lens provides maximum eye protection. Thanks to its spherical shape, to offer a 270-degree field of vision to the users. The model features a tool-free lens replacement.

The model can beat the fog for its built-in spherical and dual pane lens. The lens develops a thermal barrier without causing any distortion in your vision and thus maximizes your accuracy.

This one fits perfectly without feeling too tight. The flexible triple density face foam includes moisture-wicking fleece. The head strap is for a non-slip fit that stretches around your head and has a comfortable silicone back.

The non-slip fit has the ‘soft ear’ coverage too. Its lower skirt is highly flexible. The lower skirt has been made of a co-injective flexible material that bounces back the balls when they strike this part of the helmet.

Tip: Do not use any harsh chemicals that will destroy the mask.

  • The mask is effective in stimulating ball bounces.
  • Dust-and-fog-preventer
  • Roomy and comfortable interior
  • Prescription glasses friendly
  • Tool-free lens replacement
  • Blocks the harmful radiation
  • Longevity issues
  • Lens removal system is difficult

2. Virtue VIO Extend

Virtue VIO Paintball Masks

Key Features

  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Generous-sized vents at the bottom part
  • Fog resistant- Quick change Dual Pane Thermal Lens
  • 3D modeled Earpads
  • Upgraded and Adjustable Straps
  • Larger field of view

A wide field of view with a strong impact-resistant lens and quality ear protection help make the Virtue Vio paintball mask our top pick. We guarantee you that your paintball experience will become more fun and exciting if you invest in Virtue Vio.

The package includes a face mask, the foam, lens, strap, ear pads.

Virtue VIO is an example of the best anti-fogging paintball mask that provides maximum safety with excellent comfort. The extended jawline enables us to breathe easier due to increased airflow. And it transmits the sound clearly.

The model speaks of versatility and innovation. The mask is quite sturdy and durable as it is constructed out of high-quality hard plastic and foam materials. This one is shock-absorbent too.

Your breathing won’t be restricted for its super well-ventilation. The vents help to prevent paint from penetrating the face. The 3D modeled Earpads are more durable, more adjustable, and lighter. These no echo Earpads increase acoustics, and you can hear clearly.

This model has thermal antifogging Lenses. The mask is fog-free, and now you don’t have to stop often just to clean it up. The large lens lets you see more and provides 100% protection from UV light. The upgraded Straps and Adjusters provide more grip. Again, the straps make the adjustments much more straightforward. The tension strap is removable.

You get to choose from several colors. Above all, the Virtue VIO Paintball mask has an enhanced sleek look that attracts more customers towards itself.

  • Mitigate the glare effectively
  • Versatile and quite sturdy
  • Antifogging and UV protection
  • Scratch-resistant coating
  • Transmits voice clearly
  • Does not have a visor

Are you among those who sweat a lot? Are you looking for a model that can take hits and blows without getting you injured? Are you looking for something versatile? Then, the Virtue Vio mask should be on your list.



3. Bunkerkings CMD

Bunkerkings CMD Paintball Mask

Key Features 

  • Hi-flow ventilation
  • Multi-directional air exhaust zones
  • Bounce flex zones absorb impact
  • Interchangeable plush BK foam
  • Glare reducing & abrasion resistant micro visor
  • Ultra-wide goggle strap with grip prints

The Bunkerkings CMD is another fog resistance paintball mask you can get in the market. Its advanced system consists of several vents around the mouth. These vents quickly filter the warm air out and eliminate the accumulation of moisture.

Right off the bat, you will fall in love with its looks. This model is highly sturdy and abrasion-resistant. It does not bow to harsh elements. Combined with the finest thermal lens, you will hardly encounter the issue of fogging.

You can protect your face from impacts as the front plate offers good bounce and flex. It is streamlined on the inside to keep you comfortable while playing. The microfiber contact layer is excellent at reducing the pressure of the goggles on your skin. This model has interchangeable plush BK foam. The acoustic design ensures uninterrupted communication while wearing it.

In general, it’s soft and adjustable for enhanced fit and comfort. You get somewhat thicker foam with an added layer. The foam is plush and comfy to fit securely to the head. The coverage is right at the jawline for most players, and the visibility is very clean.

  • Abrasion resistant visor
  • Plush foam is soft on the skin
  • Fanatic breathability
  • Comfortable foam
  • Distortion-free hearing
  • Durable lens and frame
  • Expensive

If you are looking for high-flow ventilation alongside multi-directional air exhaust zones, grab the Bunkerkings CMD. This one will not interfere with your breathing for a long time. Its versatile features can say enough about its price tag!

4. Empire E-Flex

Empire E-Flex Paintball Goggle

Key Features

  • Defogging and thermal lens
  • Hypo-allergenic super-comfortable Proflex face foam
  • Clear lens with zero optical distortion
  • E-Flex thermo-foam earpieces,
  • Flexible face skirt,
  • Rapid lens change

You don’t want something that will slide from your face and have to be continuously adjusted. But you will not experience anything like this with the Empire E-flex paintball mask. It will offer full coverage face protection with assuring the comfort of the wearer. The elastic face skirt confirms the user’s comfort.

The E-flex is a rugged blend of both sturdy plastic and soft rubber for a terrific combination of the best looks, protection, and comfort. The soft head straps will keep the shield secure without squeezing the head. You can barely feel it!

The hypo-allergenic spectra pro-flex face foam is quite comfortable. The quality ventilation system is also there for the best breathability and sound carry. Since these are so lightweight, you can focus on your game entirely without the fuss of the goggle’s weight.

One of the desirable features is precision optical lenses. The dual-pane lenses with defog properties are the must-have features. You will face no troubles like frequent fog-ups. You will get unrestricted vision and no sun glare.

The mask offers a 270-degree view. The real thermal design lenses will deflect the hardest abrasions during battle. Lastly, you can do rapid lens changes and the maximum number of comfort adjustments.

Tip: The water resistance spray is also useful for pristine vision.

  • Ultra-soft and flexible face skirt
  • Comfortable and great breathability
  • Do not distort the vision and the hearing
  • Lightweight
  • Can prevent fog
  • Provides good eye protection from all UV lights
  • Materials are cheap
  • Not lightweight

If you want to battle with your fog enemies, this Empire E-flex will be a safe investment. This one is not too expensive or not too cheap. It is well worth the price. This one will stand out from the crowd for its high quality and comfort. Now you do not need to be concerned with skin allergies too.

5. Dye Precision I4

Dye Precision I4 Thermal Paintball Goggle

Key Features

  • Multi-directional venting
  • Horizontal peripheral design
  • Rapid lens changing system
  • Equipped with hard impact abrasion resistant coating
  • Compression formed ears
  • Dual-stage foam and closed foam technology

Your low-quality paintball masks are a huge distraction from your game. Replace that with the DYE 14 thermal goggle for its full-coverage eye protection with the best anti-fog, thermal paired pane lens, and awesome design.

You will have a clearer vision by wearing this one. The dye dual-pane thermal lenses allow the ultimate vertical/ horizontal peripheral vision. The rapid change lens system allows us to change the lens quickly without much ado.

Its anatomically correct design hugs the facial contours for the best comfort possible. The moisture-wicking foam padding with dual-stage offers pillow-like snug. It absorbs the sweat.It comes with a huge visor.

This DYE I4 comes with compression-formed earpieces for extra protection and further moisture control. The helmet is tested at twice the current impact rating for ASTM and CE standards.

The multi-directional venting on the front provides full coverage for the jaw, and you can communicate with your team members.

You will never regret buying this because DYE never compromises on quality and comfort. This model comes with a great ability to provide all-inclusive protection to the face.

  • Does not distort hearing
  • Offers great breathability and voice projection
  • Quite comfortable
  • Conforming for any person
  • The visor is not tinted

The high tech lovers will eager to have this top of the line product – DYE I4. Once you have played with this masterpiece, you will never get satisfied with cheap quality products.

6. Virtue VIO Ascend

Virtue VIO Ascend Thermal Paintball Mask


  • Good ventilation
  • Reliable 100% sun protection with thermal lens
  • Large peripheral field of view
  • Dual-layer eye foam
  • Quick-change lens system
  • Upgradeable goggle strap

Virtue VIO Ascend will give you the satisfaction you are hoping for. The wide peripheral lens offers powerful UV protection. You will not encounter any distortion.

This model has a flexible yet rigid protection zone around the chin, eyes, and ears. Thanks to its exemplary single-piece design and its increased coverage. Virtue Vio Ascend has two layers of protective and comfortable eye foam. Again, you can remove the second layer when you feel too hot or find it restrictive.

Its large peripheral view with optical clarity is second to none. VIO Ascend gets all the points when it comes to visibility for its maximum sun protection.

Also, Virtue Vio Ascend offers excellent airflow. It can pass the sounds without any distortion or echo. The additional features are – upgradeable strap, quick changing of lenses, and a replacement of the foam.

You have got sixteen cool options for the lens and eighteen options for the visor. It bangs for your bucks as you can fully replace the foam. So, it can withstand wear and tear. Again, you can get all these features without breaking your bank.

Tip: You can buy a mask fan to circulate the air inside the visor and push the hot air outside the mask.

  • Customizable mask
  • Fantastic breathability
  • Fanatic airflow and breathability
  • Entirely replaceable foam
  • Will not muffle your voice
  • Distortion-free lens
  • The fitting might not be up to the mark.
  • Only compatible with V10 parts

If you want an extra-large lens that will offer not only a wide field of view but also minimizes the glare, grab this Virtue VIO Ascend. This goggle will maintain a clear vision. Moreover, you can feel comfortable during the extended sessions for the dual layer of padding.

7. V-Force Grill Paintball Mask

G.I. SPORTZ Grill Goggles

Key Features

  • V-Force tinted lens
  • Soft airflow ventilation
  • built-in forehead bounce panel,
  • quick-change lens system, and quick change strap,
  • ClickDry foam system

Among the sundry of shields, the V-Force G I Sportz Grill is one of the best paintball masks for novices. The one is lightweight. You can easily replace or customize any parts you want. The thick padding does not feel suffocated at all. Moreover, there is enough room for breathing and talking while playing.

It has come with all the lucrative features like thermal anti-fog, anti-scratch lenses, great ventilation. The sleek spherical lens has a sunglass-inspired 3D lens shape for unhindered peripheral vision.

The ‘Hard target’ design is to reduce the target zone further. The maximum bounce is due to the full-flex grill. The center-face soft rubber area maximizes the bounce factor.

Tip: To protect your head, you can wear extra headgear like bandanna or a beanie with it.

  • ultra-lightweight design
  • Highly customizable
  • Features scratch and fog-resistant lens
  • Forehead visor for lens and face protection
  • Does not provide full coverage

Force grill paintball mask one is highly recommended for the novices and beginners for its lightweight and great field of view. The full-flex progrill with superior rubber area ensures maximum bounce.

8. Virtue VIO Extend II Paintball Goggle

GI Sportz Profiler Vforce Profiler Black

Key Features

  • Dual Density Foam
  • Hard Target Design
  • 280-Degree Peripheral Vision
  • Removable Visor
  • Improved Venting System
  • Better Voice Transmission

The Virtue VIO Extend is a decent option for you without costing you the earth. This one is quite reliable, exceptionally lightweight, and has some best comfort features.

The lens is a single pane, but it has got thermal curing for the non-fog feature. This shield is specially engineered with ‘Hard Target’ aspect. This feature is for reducing the target zone. You can enjoy the widest field angle. The wide-angle lens ensures great visibility. Since the lens is curved, it has less distortion. The 280-degree field of vision provides the best peripheral vision to the wearer.

The mask comes with a dual-density foam, which can wick the moisture and dries up entrapped moisture. The removable visor is there to keep the sunlight out from the eyes. It will protect your lens from raindrops and keep the lens clean.

The model has come with an excellent ventilation system. There are vents at the top too. The strap is silicone reinforced to give a ‘non-slip’ fit.

Tip: The ventilation holes on the goggles frames should not be covered by scarves, hats, head wraps, etc. as the hot air inside the mask needs to escape!

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Wide field of view
  •  Available in all Sizes
  • Moisture-wicking feature
  • Non-slip fit
  • Durable
  • excellent ventilation system
  • Difficult to change the lens

Are you looking for a comfortable mask at an affordable price that will be ideal for your day-long game? Grab the Virtue VIO Extend. The maximum degree of peripheral view and dual-density foam attract the customers. And you will be happy to get your perfect sized model.

9. Jt Spectra Flex 8 Thermal Coverage Goggles

JT Spectra Flex 8 Full Head and Face Coverage Thermal Paintball Goggles

Key Features

  • 260° degree field of vision
  • Low profile spectra goggle
  • Full Head-coverage
  • Dual Fusion co-molding technology
  • Enhanced Voice Transmission

Your favorite JT Spectra Flex 8 is truly designed to offer much protection to the user. Its ability to provide full coverage with a high level of efficiency is quite remarkable. It comes with a great set of thermal anti-fog goggles. The woodsball player is going to love it for its full head protection. It’s the best paintball mask for woodsball players. This model is more like a full paintball helmet!

Firstly, you will get pleased when you wear them in your game. It will not feel cumbersome at all. And you can carry it effortlessly.

The configuration allows it to fit a wide range of users. Again, the adjustable strap is there to loosen or tighten it according to your comfort. It comes with a built-in removable visor.

The spectra lens provides a clear optical vision. Its 260° field of vision is quite praiseworthy.

It has been designed using Dual fusion co-molding technology. The dual-layer ventilation system keeps you cool during the game. Now you will not feel suffocated! And you can communicate quite better with your teammates.

It comes with a built-in removable visor. The visors protect the player from head injuries and reduce glare. They also safeguard your lens from scratches. Then, the skirt is flexible for effective paintball deflection.

You can dismantle the parts easily. And the cleaning is also a cinch. Above all, its reasonable price is the cherry on top.

Tip: Make sure the mask fits your face well. You should choose based on how it fits and not how cool it looks!

  • Offers full coverage and protection
  • Easy-to-disassemble and easy-to-clean
  • Lightweight, compact and versatile
  • Universal fit and easy to talk and hear
  • Most upgradable modular mask
  • Great ventilation.
  • Fog-resistant
  • Customizable
  • Needs more padding

If you want something which will not be hefty and offers full head protection, you should have the JT Spectra Flex 8. It has a good ratio of price and performance. Whether a beginner or a pro, you are going to love it when you are stepping into long matches and tournaments.

10. V-Force Armor Fieldvision Gen 3

VForce Armor Fieldvision Gen 3 Paintball Mask

Key Features:

  • Low profile
  • Rounded lens
  • Patented quick-change lens replacement system
  • Clear-Vision Thermocured Non-fog Lens
  • Single-paned lenses
  • Conveniently fits over most glasses.

Are you looking for the best cheap paintball mask, you can have VForce Armor without any doubt. It offers a rigid full face mask with rigid ear protection. This shield provides low-profile protection and excellent vision. You will not encounter any distortion at the top and bottom of the lens.

Right off the bat, you will be pleased to see how lightweight the product is. It has forehead protection and a removable visor. So, if you want to remove the visor, your forehead is still protected.

The model has closed foam. The foam seems firm. The best thing is if you sweat a lot, it will not soak up all the perspiration. So, it will be easy to clean, and the foam will not be smelly eventually.

The lens is a single pane. If you want to replace it with a dual-pane lens, you can do that too. The lens is quite easy to replace.

This model comes with a basic strap. The mouth is far from the grill. So, the model lets you breathe and communicate with your team members. You can easily fit your prescription glasses.

Tip: If you have a single pane lens, always clean the lens and apply a fresh coating of anti-fog spray.

  • Easy to clean
  • Low profile ergonomic protection
  • Lightweight
  • Optically correct vision
  • Anti-fog and resistance to scratching lens
  • The front does not flex that much
  • The strap does not have a silicone layer

If you are a beginner and want to have a clear vision and maximum protection, this model is a good paintball mask under $50. This model will not be hefty, and you can carry it easily during your game.

11. H World Shopping Tactical Protective Helmet

H World Shopping Tactical Protective Helmet

Key Features

  • PC lens
  • Soft airflow ventilation
  • G4 facial system for quick attach or release
  • EPP soft cushion inside the helmet
  • ABS for the main helmet and low carbon steel for the mask
  • You can wear your optical glasses inside it

The H world Shopping tactical Protective Hemet is the best paintball helmet. The side tabs permit you to manually adjust the outer visor for the snug and protection.

It might not be as comfortable as others. But it is quite a sturdy yet lightweight hard shell which is made from ABS plastic. The helmet-like mask has got a breathable mesh made from low-carbon steel.

The PC lens is resistant to scratching and will bear all the wear and tear. The model will stay stable for its head-lock system. You can easily release or attach the G4 facial system. There are scopes of doing a lot of customization like you can attach cameras, flashlights, night vision goggles, and so forth.

Tip: Get the mask, which is wide enough to allow you to wear prescription glasses so that you will not have to strain your eyesight.

  • Offers full head protection
  • Great breathability and airflow
  • You can attach various elements
  • Most friendly for prescription glasses
  • It can be felt hefty, and the lens can get foggy

If you want an arsenal for protecting your full head, grab this one without any doubt.

Features To Consider While Choosing A Paintball Mask

Before buying the best paintball mask, you must pay close attention to the features that determine its quality. These factors are as follows:


If you want to know the features of an ideal mask, let us tell you that it is supposed to be lightweight. This shield should not be a burden on your throat. It usually covers the neck and head regions. Now, if it is too heavy, it will make you sweat and hurt you. So, what should be the ideal weight of your mask? The mask should range between 1.5lbs to 2lbs. If it is any different, it will lack the performance you desire.


Our ears are the most valuable part of our body. When you are on the paintball field, there is a huge risk that the paintball pellets may hit your ear. It will not only be agonizing but also may cause some serious internal injury. To help you protect from these injuries, look for a model with ear protection pads attached to it. This will save you from such accidents by absorbing the impact.

It should protect you, but it should not disrupt communication between you and your teammates. If your teammate needs to shout to tell you something, it is better to change the ear pads. It is better to look for models that do not reduce the sound while protecting you.


What should you consider while finding the best lens for your paintball mask? In this case, let us remind you that the lens is the heart of visibility. By the time you clear your vision, you might be out of the game. Your lens should have a field of vision of 260 degrees to 270 degrees, at least.

Do not go out there, selecting a cheap product. These lenses are usually made of thin and flat lenses. On the other hand, usually, the higher-quality lenses come with a sphere-shaped lens with no distortion. These will also allow you to look at your opponent even from the corner of your eyes.

Sweating is very common in such games. It is essential to keep this in your account. A sweaty player’s body will radiate heat that will ultimately fog the lens. So, you must be aware of whether your lens is fog-resistant or not. It should also be abrasion-resistant.

A detachable glass is more appreciated because if your lens breaks or cracks, you can substitute it easily without replacing the entire mask. The achromatic lens is a better option while playing in the field in summer. You will be able to combat glare effectively. While a forehead visor is preferable in winter, and it also protects you from hits.


Finding a strap that fits you perfectly is more vital than the size. A right strap will adjust to your size correctly.

straps of paintball masks Double straps are usually highly appreciated since it provides you with both vertical and horizontal adjustments. Thus, it will protect you from all sides. A foam-padded material will give you the comfort you desire.


Chin straps are not usually found in your regular masks, but you will need it. A high-profile tournament will not let you participate without one. So, before buying one, make sure that it has a detachable chin strap of high-quality welts. It must also ensure your comfort at all times.


When you are looking for the best paintball mask, make sure you have got a built-in visor. It will protect you from impacts. And what could that be? Well, when it is attached to your paintball mask, the visor will protect your eyes, ears, and other sensitive parts of your face from the sun. It will also save you from the rain.

The mask will not let water drops to enter the ventilation holes or other detachable parts. When you have a quality visor paired with a pair of goggles, it will provide you with the eyesight of an eagle.


Airflow is a very crucial aspect when it comes to playing paintball. If your mask does not come with proper ventilation, it will restrict your breathing process while playing. Thus, the hot air emitting from your mouth and nose will create a fog layer on the lens.inside a helmet

The best paintball mask usually consists of adequate ventilation that lets the hot air be replaced as cool air, and the fog is not formed. A proper model should render excellent communication, which is formed by a proper width between vents. In summer, it is better to have a little wide; otherwise, you might end up eating paint through your ventilation holes.

Ultra Violate Protection

UV protection is vital when you are going out there in the field to play for a long time. There is a possibility that the UV rays from the sun will enter your eyes and cause harm to them.paintball mask in sunlight

Thus, when looking for a paintball mask, make sure that it has a protective layer over the lens to save you from potential damage.


Now, before you go looking for your favorite paintball masks, make sure that it has the qualities of a great one. So, what do you consider? In this case, look for a sturdy helmet that can absorb the impact completely. In other words, when you are hit on the head with a paintball, you should not feel it one bit.

Here, you will find two types of helmet styles, a small one and a large one. Wearing a small profile helmet could be quite scary since your head is almost exposed. Your safety could be at risk. The helmet style might not matter in other sports, but it is crucial in paintball games.

However, it is ultimately your choice. If you think you will not be risking your safety by wearing a small profile helmet, then go for it. The ultimate goal is that the helmet should protect you at all costs.


Nothing is more irritating than a foggy lens. It will hamper your visibility in the field and can cause some severe damage. Your chin might be the biggest victim of such a mishap. In such cases, it is better to buy a thermal lens.

A mask with a thermal lens is the best paintball mask. It comes with an anti-fog layer that prevents fog from accumulating on your lens. This type of lens is more suitable than others.

Check out our full Paintball Mask Buying Guide for more information

How To Prevent Paintball Mask Lenses From Fogging?

Fogging can impair your vision, which can affect your performance and safety while playing. However, some remedies can protect you from the inconvenience of fogging.

  • Fog Resistant Coating

Masks of reputable brands come with a fog-resistant coating. This is a thin layer of coating that is applied to the inside of the mask. It is not long-lasting but works decently when you’re not playing for a long time. So, make sure your goggles have a fog-resistant coating before buying.

  • Anti-fog Spray

Every paintball player should carry an antifogging spray with them. You just need to spray them inside the lens and wipe it with a micro-fiber cloth prior to playing. So, it’s basically a cleaning spray for the lens. Read the instructions on the pack before applying so that your lens doesn’t scratch. However, it’s not a long-term solution.

  • Good Ventilation and Mask Fan

Ventilation should be one of the priorities that you look for in a mask. If there is a good circulation of air, fog can’t form. If you’re still having problems in high humid conditions, a mask fan is a thing for you. Some masks come with built-in fans, and you can also install a fan later.

  • Thermal Lens

Thermal lenses are double pane lenses with an air space in between them. It helps to minimize the temperature difference between outside and your body and thus prevents fogging.

  • Anti-Fog Lens Vs. The Thermal Lens

When there are drastic temperature differences, moisture in the air condenses on the cooler things and forms fog. Your paintball lens gets foggy exactly for the same reason. When warmer air from your face and breathing contacts the cooler lens, fog forms.

The anti-fog lens has nothing but a coating on them to prevent moisture. They are single pane lenses. But when they get hit for few times or get wet, the layer comes off.

But the thermal lens is a double pane lens that can effectively reduce fogging by regulating the panes’ temperature. The two lenses are kept separated by a glued foam gasket on the outer edge of the inner lens. The inner lens is thinner and lightweight, while the outer one is thicker.

So, it has a layer of air between the lenses, which acts as an insulator. This insulation keeps the inner lens warm and prevents moisture from contacting the outer lens. Thus, it works much more efficiently than an anti-fog single pane lens.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How well can you breathe in the paintball mask?

Breathing is more or less easy in most of the masks. More expensive models can provide better performance in this regard. Purchase one that has a better ventilation system. ‘Empire E-flex’ or ‘VIO ascend’ are two of the most breathing masks you can have.

Does the paintball mask come with the lens?

Yes, even most of the entry-level masks come with a basic lens. However, these basic lenses are different from thermal lenses because they don’t have double-pane like thermal ones. Besides, all masks don’t require thermal lenses to prevent fogging. Vforce masks come with only one lens, yet they don’t fog up like other models for the design.

Do people with glasses need a special type of mask?

Yes, people with glass should consider some things before buying a paintball mask. They should buy one where the foam is cut on both sides. These gaps allow your glasses’ arms to fit into the model without being pushed on. It gives the glass some sort of motion so that it doesn’t squeeze against your head or nose.

Can you wear a paintball mask with glasses? How does it fit?

Yes, you can. Most of the best paintball masks come with OTG( Over The Goggles) feature which means they are specially designed to fit over your glasses. This particular type of mask has foam gaps on both sides. These gaps accommodate the glasses’ arms and let the glass move so that it doesn’t squeeze up against your head.

How can I clean a paintball mask?

Paintball masks usually contain two parts, the lens, and the body. For cleaning the whole product, remove the lens first. Then clean it. The most exciting part of this lens cleaning is that you cannot use glass cleaner to clean this.

A glass cleaner will make this lens foggier later and ruin your gaming experience. Just wipe the lens with a microfibre cloth. You can add some water to these for better cleaning. Then take a brush, and open your water tap. Use brush under flowing water and keep the mask body just under the water. The speed will help remove dust and brush the holes more clearly. Then let it dry for a day. In this way, you can clean your mask properly.

Can I use a paintball mask for airsoft?

Yes, you can, but it’s not a good choice. In Airsoft games player throws plastic pellets from a replica gun, which can obviously hurt you. In the paintball game, players also throw paintballs. But safety gears are not the same.

In airsoft, you can choose a half or full-covered mask, goggles, and stuff. But the paintball masks cover the whole. Sometimes paintball masks create fog. Also, airsoft masks are more comfortable.

If you are a beginner, you can choose this one. But it is highly recommended that you should buy an airsoft mask. A paintball mask will obviously protect you from injuries, but you cannot have the full gameplay experience.

Final Verdict

Did you like our top pick Empire EVS? Which one is your best paintball mask? Let us know! Keep in mind the caveats; otherwise, one slip and you could get an injury! The choice depends on your specific needs and preferences.

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