What To Wear Paintballing [Head to Toe Guidance]

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Are you planning for an upcoming tournament and can’t figure out what to wear paintballing? Don’t worry because you’re in the right place to look for expert suggestions.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an expert player. Selecting what to wear when paintballing can give you a winning advantage.

So, we have the perfect easy-to-follow guideline for you. Let’s see what the essential parts you need to cover are.

what to wear to paintball

Checklist of What To Wear For Paintballing

What To Wear for Face and Head Protection

Generally, people can get all of the specialist equipment on the day, still to give you complete peace of mind, we will be providing a head-to-toe run-down of what to wear when going paintballing. So, without wasting your time, let’s drive into the main discussion.

JT Spectra Flex 8 JT Spectra Flex 8 Full Head

Features We Like

  • Foam cushioning
  • Thermal lens
  • Anti-fog
  • Lightweight and comfortable

JT Spectra Flex paintball mask gives the head coverage with ultimate comfortable wearing experience. Firstly, the forehead protector visor works great, keeping your eyes & goggles safe from sun or rainwaters.

The foam inside the mask is very comfortable to wear, and the lens is thermal, which means it’s dual-pane. No matter under which weather conditions you’re in, these lenses will not fog up.

The face & ear protections are hardy, but super comfortable too. The ventilation of this mask works great that’s why you won’t be feeling stuck.

You can also adjust the head size by fixing up the backside strap. The weight seems very comfortable, with no extra heaviness.

Why wear it: Protecting the head from getting hit by a paintball traveling at a speed of over 200 miles per hour is the main reason to wear this cover. It can also protect the hair from getting paints.

JT Spectra Flex gives the head coverage with the ultimate comfortable wearing experience. Above the neck area, this single product works as three different ones.


  • Stays in place while running
  • Great protection
  • Looks nice
  • Easy cleaning


  • Sometimes, the noise cushion troubled to breathe a little

What to  wear for upper body protection

XKTTAC Tactical-Combat-Airsoft-Military-ShirtXKTTAC Tactical-Combat-Airsoft-Military-Shirt

Features We Like

  • Quick-drying
  • Hook-and-loop cuffs
  • Velcro arm pockets
  • Breathable material

The XKTTAC combat shirt has a moisture-wicking property that would give you the advantage of quick-drying and fast cooling.

This tactical shirt comes with hook-and-loop cuffs on each sleeve for added comforts that means you can adjust the sleeves according to your desire.

Another great point is that the sleeves have Velcro arm pockets to increase functionality like; you can easily carry out your ID cards, phone, and any other similarly sized objects.

To comfortably wear the shirt in the summer or warmer region, it has lighter and breathable fabric. The clothing materials are super soft and comfortable to wear in an all-day outing.

Why wear it: Now, while playing at an outdoor field, players can experience overheating, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke, so a sweatshirt would not be ideal in the summer.

The main rule of thumb for paintballing is to leave as little skin exposed as possible. If you’re looking for all-in on combat t-shirt option then, you can consider this one.


  • Lightweight
  • True to size
  • Comfortable


  • People with a shorter neck can face problems zipping it up.

What to wear for lower body protection

Exalt Paintball T4 PantsExalt Paintball T4 Pants

Features We Like

  • Kevlar knees
  • Breathable cooling mesh
  • Padded protection
  • Additional belt loops

The Exalt T4 paintball pants have some heavy-duty Kevlar Knees that can withstand a beating from rough conditions and terrain.

The zipper thigh pockets make sure whatever you put into your pockets stay in your pockets.

A cooling mesh inner liner provides maximum breathability for those hot days. Exalt T4 pants have you covered with Padded groin, and Hips will keep you padded and protected when diving or sliding into your bunkers.

Why wear it: If playing outside, you might be walking through brush, and you could easily scratch up your legs, get insect bites, tics, etc. So, wearing clothes that will protect you from what you may encounter in an outdoor field would be a wise decision.

You can wear cargo pants, paintball-specific pants, jumpsuits, and jeans. If you’re looking for a high-quality but comfort lower-body outfit, then Check out the all-new Exalt T4 paintball pants.


  • Great for rough conditions
  • Very comfortable
  • Plenty of padding


  • The waist may fit a little loose.

Camo Coveralls

OUTERDO Camo Suits Ghillie Suits 3D Leaves Woodland Camouflage

Features We Like

  • Elastic waist
  • Quick-release poppers
  • Real-life design

You would like two main features: elastic waist on trousers for easy size adjustment and poppers on the jacket for easy getting on and off.

OUTERDO camo suits are made of breathable mesh polyester fabric and nylon rope. Wearing these are smooth to the skin so you can wear a T-shirt underneath.

Because of the build technique, it stays dirt-free most of the time. The lightweight suit has a realistic 3D design so that you can get blended with the surroundings easily.

Why wear it: Camouflage clothing can be your advantage and help win the game. With the camo overalls, you can take your gaming skills to the next level.

If you are playing in an area where you can blend in, it would be wise to buy OUTERDO Camo Suit. With this camo overall, you will get a strategic advantage.


  • Adjustable waist
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Versatile usability


  • The zipper quality is not satisfactory.

Protect Your Hands

FREETOO Knuckle Tactical Gloves 

Features We Like

  • Composite PVC padded knuckle
  • Thermal plastic rubber finger panels
  • Double-layer sewing
  • High elastic mesh fabric

According to our suggestion, don’t go with regular usable gloves and invest in this type of gloves worth your money and effort.

Freetoo knuckle gloves provide full protection to your hand, including protection against cuts, burns, scrapes, and even injuries due to vibrations. These gloves also contain the composite PVC padded knuckle and thermal plastic rubber finger panels.

These military gloves tactical sewed with a double-layer sewing process, and imported leather makes sure of two times longer work than other gloves.

FREETOO shooting gloves adopt the high elastic mesh fabric on the finger part to ensure the fingertips are not too loose or reinforced. They are available in different sizes that give you good flexibility and make it easier to trigger.

Why wear it: Since hands are exposed during the game, getting hit on that area is an obvious scenario. It is crucial to keep the hands fully protected during the game and don’t back off seeing the gloves’ price.

Get these gloves because of the breathable vents design on the finger and the padded mesh material that can nicely reduce hand sweat.


  • Excellent stitching
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable vents
  • Feel the trigger


  • Knuckle-protector quality is not satisfactory.

Footwear to wear for paintballing

Bates Men’s Military and Tactical Boot

Features We Like

  • Full-grain leather
  • Cushioned insole
  • Slip-resistant outsole
  • Versatile usability

These boots are made of 100% full-grain leather and textile, showcasing a durable construction and guaranteed resistance wear tear and withstand heavy use.

The boots have a 5.11 Shock Mitigation System cushioned insole. On the other hand, the outsole has properties such as oil and slip-resistance. It has a non-metallic shank that can deliver better support and comfort.

Why wear it: Paintballing should not be a horrible experience with ankle fractures, which is common. That’s why you need some comfortable yet protective pair options, and tactile boots of high quality are a necessity for footwear terms.

For protective yet flexible and comfortable footwear, you can consider ATAC Men’s 8″ Leather Jungle Combat Military Coyote Boots. These boots are great for both the combat pros and the beginners in paintball arenas.


  • Very comfortable
  • Breathable material
  • Lightweight


  • Wearing them too frequently won’t be long-lasting.

What to wear for groin protection:

Shock Doctor Jock Strap Supporter with BioFlex Cup

Features We Like

  • Breathable material
  • 4-way stretch mesh
  • Bio-shape cup design
  • Machine-washable

If you want the leading sports protection manufacturer’s name, you will get the tag Shock Doctor a lot. They are working to protect one of the most sensitive and private parts of our body.

The cup they are offering comes with a breathable and four-way stretch mesh. So, comfort and safety are both guaranteed. Moreover, the design is well-researched, and it doesn’t hamper game performance.

Its machine-washable feature makes it easy to maintain. Also, the material doesn’t let odor build up.

Why wear it: Well, it’s a must-have for any male who wishes to play paintball. Initially, some may feel uncomfortable, but it protects you from getting hit in that area. For increased comfort, purchase sliding shorts that have a built-in cup holder.

Wearing cups is an uncomfortable experience but not so much with Shock Doctor Jock Strap Supporter with BioFlex Cup. To save your private parts from unbearable pain, buy one before the game.


  • Soft rubber
  • Anti-odor
  • Breathable micro-knit waistband
  • Easy washing


  • The size chart from the manufacturer is not perfect.

Important paintball equipment that you should have: Affordable paintball gun (Tippmann TMC MagFed Paintball Marker), Paintball Hopper, Paintball Barrel, Empire EVS Paintball Mask

how to choose paintball wearables

What To Wear Paintballing: Factors To Consider

Though we have reviewed products about what to wear paintballing, you should keep the following points in mind while buying.

Age of the Player

As a standard recommendation, people consider children of 12 to 14 years as proper aged for the paintballing game. Naturally, most children at that age can understand and abide by the safety rules while still enjoying the game and not overreacting to getting hit. But it can differ for individuals too.

Paintballing in Summer or Winter

While in the summertime, people keep mulling over what to wear while paintballing, we’re here to help. If you are wondering What to Wear to Play Paintball in hot weather, we’d recommend wearing less clothing and ditch excess weight. Lighten up your pack as well by ditching any excessive gear too.

Are you wondering about what do you wear to go paintballing during winter! The winter clothing will be just the opposite of the summer options. Note to keep equipment, clothes, gears, or other items out of the cold as much as possible. Also, bring a small insulated cooler, warmed to room temperatures, to paintballs in before gameplay.

Extra protections for Girls

Firstly, skip skinny jeans and wear baggy pants, whether paintball-baggy pants or thick cargo pants. Actual paintball pants come with a layer of padding to protect the player. So, better try to go with one of them. Another important reminder is wearing a sports or padded bra under your paintball t-shirt and arm pads in most conditions. Other body part protectors would be just like men protectors.

What to wear for the first-timers?

If we summarize the whole thing, first-timer you need long sleeve t-shirt and loose-fitted pants, running shoes, hiking boots, trail runners or cleats, baseball hat, headwrap, headband, beanie, etc. Also, consider non-bulky gloves that offer protection.


Nonetheless, if you are a newbie or an avid paintballer, the gear you have on you is just as important as the gun you carry into battle. Our main goal was to guide you in the right direction so that you don’t wander around thinking about What to wear paintballing.

So, take your time in choosing and never settle for something solely based on the price. Kindly let us know your thoughts.

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