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Xzavier Nelson

I've been very interested in paintball since I was a child and have been playing for almost 16 years. Ever since I fell in love with this game, I thought I would discuss some important aspects of my experience with paintball. I’ve covered just about everything, and my library of free content is just growing bigger by the day. If you’re as pumped up about paintball battles as I am, consider Picked Sports to be your new home.

Can Paintball Masks Be Used for Airsoft?

Can Paintball Masks Be Used for Airsoft
The most popular question when it comes to paintball is “can paintball masks be used for airsoft?” The answer is “yes” and “no”. A paintball mask will not work as well for the sport as an airsoft goggle. However, it…

Low Impact Paintball: All Query Answered

low impact paintball
Low-impact paintball is a pain-free paintball that is specifically suited for younger or new players. It requires thin paintballs and less force, hitting with 68% less force than a full-sized paintball while still providing the same enjoyment, active engagement. Unlike…

Can You Play Paintball in the Winter?

can you play paintball in winter
When temperatures are icy, you can still play paintball, but the main thing to remember is to dress warmly. Whether you’re using CO2 or HPA paint, you’ll need to bring hand warmers and a thermos of hot liquid. The cold…

Top 10 Reasons To Play Paintball

reasons to play paintball
Paintball is a fun, competitive sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It’s also a fantastic way to get some workouts and some fresh air. You don’t even need to warm up for paintball and can play…