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Xzavier Nelson

I've been very interested in paintball since I was a child and have been playing for almost 16 years. Ever since I fell in love with this game, I thought I would discuss some important aspects of my experience with paintball. I’ve covered just about everything, and my library of free content is just growing bigger by the day. If you’re as pumped up about paintball battles as I am, consider Picked Sports to be your new home.

How Fast Is the Paintball Gun Shot?

You buy a paintball marker and wonder how fast is the paintball shot of your marker. And if you are out to quench your curiosity, then this article can serve you gladly. Now, before you go with the measurements, you…

Woodsball vs Speedball: Which Is Better?

speedball vs woodsball
Playing paintball seems like an activity where you need to choose between woodsball and speedball, but there are many variations. The two major categories for paintball games are woodsball and speedball. Within each of these categories, there are several versions…

Can Paintball Guns Shoot Marbles?

can paintball guns shoot marbles
What would happen if you shoot a marble with a paintball gun? Can you imagine the result of this experiment? If you answered “I have no idea,” then continue reading. In this blog post, we will explore what happens when marbles…