Where to Fill Compressed Air Tanks? [Discussed 3 Places & 5 Filling Tips]

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Where do you guys go to fill up your compressed air tanks? Some of the people out there are still unsure as to where they should go and they scramble around to get to know a way around it.

Therefore, here, we put a list of the great places where you can get help with that. There are no specific or certain places where you can get a wide selection variety of compressed air tanks and have all your questions and queries answered.

The following article is going to provide the information on where to find the right place to fill up your compressed air tanks and as well as offer some tips and pointers on handling them effectively and efficiently.

Where to Fill Compressed Air TanksPhoto Credit: Lonewolfpaintball.com

3 Places Where You Can Fill Your Compressed Tanks

Scuba Stores

This is one of the easiest routes that is available. Cause, many scuba stores out there offer to fill paintball compressed air tanks. The operating pressure is the same for both scuba and compressed air tanks. So, to fill up a tank it will just cost a few dollars.

Paintball Shops & Fields

In this case, you need to be on the lookout for nearby paintball shops and tournaments. As they hold the equipment to fill the compressed air tanks most of the time. And some of them offer free fill-up there.

In terms of official or regulated billings, you might need to pay two to three bucks for every 1000psi that you hold in your tanks. If you don’t know about near paintball shops, ask the guys out there who play paintball near your area.

Some owners of other types of stores sometimes might have HPA tanks in their possession so you can get help from them in that regard. And as the paintball fields charge money, they will want to earn some extra bucks by filling tanks.

So, if you know any people who play paintball, they may know some places like that would do this, or you can find them online too.

Fill You Tanks at Home

Now, to fill up compressed air tanks at home, you need a scuba tank. You can buy a scuba fill station. And to fill a compressed air tank, you will require a 3000psi scuba tank which will cost you around 300 hundred dollars or even more.

And you have to even get it filled with air. But if you would like to open a store or even run a paintball field you can buy an HPA air compressor which will be totally worth it. But on personal use, it’s not worth it cause it costs over 2 thousand bucks.

But, if you plan to fill your compressed air tanks at home, be sure to use a high-pressure compressor for that. The average tire pump or standard air compressor is a no-go here.

5 Tips for Filling HPA Compressed Air Tank

Things to look out for and remember while filling up your compressed air tank:

  1. All tanks are re-inspected every five years. And as proof, tanks have a “hydro date” which entails the last inspection date.
  2. Avoid pouring grease or oil at the fill nozzle or cap of a tank. Heat gets generated while it gets filled which in turn will burn the oil if present.
  3. Use a fabric bag of any sort as a cover to protect your tanks.
  4. Store your paintball tanks in a cool dry place and further away from the sun because it will cause the pressure inside the tanks to rise up higher which in turn causes high tank explosions.
  5. Tanks should be filled slowly. If the fill rate is too fast, then air will come out quickly and pressure will run out fast.


It’s quite easy to fill your paintball gun tank. You can fill them by gathering the right parts. And it becomes quite easy eventually when you get used to it. And this is certain that all the places that we had gone over are available and they can be filled for only a few dollars. So, you don’t have to fret over where to fill compressed air tanks while playing.

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