Woodsball vs Speedball: Which Is Better?

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Playing paintball seems like an activity where you need to choose between woodsball and speedball, but there are many variations.

The two major categories for paintball games are woodsball and speedball. Within each of these categories, there are several versions of the game that can be played. This article will explain some of the differences between woodsball and speedballs so you can determine which one is best for your next game.

Woodsball is usually played on woodshed or grassy fields with many different obstacles, including woods and metal barricades. These surfaces can cause woods balls to become easily visible to other players making the game very difficult. But because woods balls are so easy to find, it allows players a more significant opportunity to hone their accuracy skills.

Speedball is a version of paintball played on a relatively small playing field that includes many artificial structures such as bunkers and buildings made out of plywoods or balsa woods. Because speedball games occur within enclosed spaces, players use smaller capacity hoppers (containers for holding paint) and play with either semiautomatic markers or electronic markers that shoot up to 10 balls per second. Speedball playing fields are also woodshedded with many barriers that cause players to stop momentarily for cover.

speedball vs woodsball

Speedball games are usually played in shorter timeframes than woodsball, making them faster-paced and more challenging. Because of the small size of the field and the increased number of moving obstacles, speedball is considered one of the more difficult paintball game variations. Players need to possess good aim and superior speed and agility to win this type of paintball game.

What are the Differences Between Woodsball and Speedball

1. Field Size & Bunker

– Speedball

Many paintball players wonder what the difference is between woodsball and speedball. A woodsball game typically refers to playing on an outdoor woodshed field with the natural terrain, which is generally considered more fun than playing indoors in a building or on an all-purpose, flat field.

Speedballs fields are usually a bit smaller than a woodsball field because they don’t need as many bunkers due to their focus on quickness more than strategy. There is not always room for a bunker to be placed in every position on a speedball field.

woodsball playing fieldPhoto Credit: youtube.com/mannyypaintballs

– Woodsball

Woodsball fields are usually bigger than speedball fields because woodsball players generally rely on strategy and communication more than speed. On woodsball fields, there is room for bunkers to be placed in every possible position (and it’s easy to put bunkers where they’re needed to).

2. Team Size

– Speedball

Speedballs teams are more significant than woods balls teams due to their focus on quickness, which increases player size. In speedball, double tandem plays at a time. a team in a speedball game typically has three. However, speedballs teams usually consist of four to six people overall.

– Woodsball

Team size can vary in woodsball and speedball. In woodsball, teams typically have six players on the field. The reason for this is that woodsball is usually played as a doubles woodsball match which requires multiple people to play simultaneously.

3. Speed and Movement

– Speedball

Speedball is a faster and more advanced version of woodsball, often shortened to just ‘ball.’ Speed-based courses are generally smaller than woods-based ones because players need room to run around dodging shots while trying to get their own off. However, the use of bunkers adds another level of complexity, allowing for line-of-sight shooting or cover from enemy players who are hiding behind them. Games played indoors involve hanging up large plastic tarps on which the bunkers are taped; woodsball fields use woods or woods-like substances for bunkers.

– Woodsball

The game movement between woodsball speedball is entirely different. Speedball players are focused on moving quickly from one place to another; woodsball players are focused on strategic activity, which usually involves crouching/crawling.

Therefore, a woodsball player typically moves slower because he is not sprinting through hallways and doorways to eliminate other players. He takes his time checking corners for opponents before moving along. Woodsball games usually have longer life spans since they are played outside where wind can cause problems or send your shots off course if you’re unlucky enough to be hit by it. Woodsball games take so long because there are no set time limits when playing; each team decides to end the game. This also makes woodsball games more enjoyable since you do not know how long the game will last, and you have to stay on your toes in case it goes into overtime.

4. Strategy & Communication

– Speedball

Speedball requires faster reflexes than woodsball since you’ll be running indoors and might encounter thick paint fumes too. You also have less time to decide whether or not to shoot someone who’s running towards you, which can sometimes lead you to shoot friendlies by accident if your finger isn’t on the trigger enough (I’ve done this before). Speedball is an up-close and personal game that can be won with teamwork. Speedball is also faster-paced than woodsball, but woodsball has more strategy involved.

Communication becomes essential in speedball games because there are no time limits; it is up to each team to decide when they want to end the game. If one team decides that they have enough and calls the game, everyone else has to agree since the game’s goal is to attain specific points or eliminate all opponents. Speedball games are also faster since all bunkers are man-made, and there are no woods chips or woods chunks that shoot out when hit by a paintball, which speeds up the game because you don’t have to pick them up.

– Woodsball

The woodsball teams communicate with their teammates more than speedballs because woodsball players have a more significant focus on strategy and communication. On the other hand, speedball teams don’t need as much contact because they’re not planning outplays or doing anything like that.

Also, the woodsball strategy is different from than speedball strategy. Woods balls players’ strategy consists of camping/shooting obscure areas; woods ballers also try to avoid getting shot at all costs (including ducking behind woodsball bunkers or trees). Speedball strategy consists of shooting unknown regions and trying to avoid getting shot.

5. Equipment

Consider your materials after you’ve decided on the kind of game you want to play. You’ll need a marker that complements your abilities and helps you win your ACP match. Concentrate on selecting a gun with long-range accuracy for Woodsball. For Speedball, concentrate on rapid-fire speed so that you can defend yourself while scoring many goals.

– Speedball

The speedballs themselves can be bought at any local shop for $4-$7 dollars each depending on how many you buy, making it much cheaper than woods balls which cost anywhere from $10-30 dollars per bag of 500 (.68 caliber).

– Woodsball

Woodsball is a woodshed cue sport, the object of which is to eliminate your opponents by hitting a woodsball off a woods table onto their woods balls. Players must be on the woods’ surface area to take a shot, and they cannot raise their woodsball above the woods’ surface. Table surfaces have been constructed from plywoods, particleboard, hardboard, or even sheet metal for decades.

Pros and Cons of Woodsball


  • The woodsball fields are usually about 20 yards in length, and the woods balls travel at a much slower speed. In woodsball, teams consist of three players or less, whereas speedball consists of four players per team.
  • In woodsball, the bunker is a designated area where a player cannot cross with their ball. The bunkers in woodsball are not fixed and can be changed for every round of play.
  • Woodsball focuses more on strategy and communication between teammates, whereas in speedball, they often do not communicate or strategize with one another due to the rapid movement of balls. Speedballs tend to focus more on training and dodging shots rather than sharing with the rest of their team.
  • The woodsball playing equipment is cheaper than speedballs.


  • Woods balls are much more difficult to aim at a target than speedballs because of their slower speeds and larger size.
  • Although woods balls are less expensive, woods players can still get very pricey. Sometimes woods balls cost around $25, whereas normal dodgeballs only cost about $10.
  • Players with injuries or chronic pain in their wrists need to be careful when using woodsball equipment because it does not have to give like foam balls or speedballs do. A hardwoods ball could cause damage if the player moves the wrong way while being shot at.

Pros and Cons of Speedball


  • Speedballers play with masks because woods balls can hurt them if they are hit in the face.
  • Speedballers often wear gloves, knee pads, and elbow pads due to how fast woods balls travel.
  • Speedball is becoming more popular than woodsball because of its fast gameplay and teams consisting of four players rather than three. Although woodsball is still very popular, speedball is gaining popularity throughout the world. Speedball tournaments are hosted all over the United States every year, where footballers come together to compete against each other at their respective skill levels.


  • Woods balls usually cost less than speedballs because woods balls don’t break as easily as high-quality plastic balls do when shot at high speeds.
  • Speedballers encounter more injuries than woodsballers
  • Woodsball equipment is less expensive, which allows footballers to join their team without much expense.

Why I Like Woodsball than Speedball

I like woodsball more than speedball because it’s more similar to the game I played back in high school. In woodsball, the bunkers are closer together and create a lot of extraordinary obstacles to hide around. In woodsball, it’s more likely that you will bump into other players from the opposing team as a result. I used to play on a vast field for speedball, and it felt like my teammates and I was playing by ourselves sometimes because we couldn’t find anyone from the other team.


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