How Bad Do Paintballs Hurt? [Tips To Make It Less]

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Spending the weekend getting shot by an enemy while maneuvering all kinds of obstacles sounds more like an army drill rather than just a game of paintball. Yet, this is what the game entails. Hundreds upon hundreds of people go to paintballing arenas just to experience this.

And with the fun experience comes the pain. Getting shot by a paintball can be a pretty painful thing even when you are wearing heavy clothes. So, how bad do paintballs hurt?

It is almost impossible to determine how much exactly paintballs hurt since each of us has a different threshold for pain and different reaction towards pain. Also, there isn’t any paintball pain scale that can give an accurate number for your pain.

However, no matter what your tolerance level is, getting hit by a paintball that is traveling at a speed of 200mph is going to hurt a lot more than you think.

how bad do paintballs hurt

How Much Does It Hurt When Hit By A Paintball?

This is one of the most important questions to ponder before deciding to play paintball. It is safe to say that the pain isn’t anything like a broken arm or leg. With that said, it might be useful to understand how the impact feels like.

Most people claim that it’s not even fair to label the words ‘pain’ or ‘hurt,’ since pain is an ongoing experience one feels over a given time. Furthermore, getting hit by a paintball doesn’t feel like getting stung by a bee or needles.

Paintballs hit are more like a fleeting sensation that is felt at the skin surface. However, you will get a small bruise or bruises upon the impact. Also, paintballs hurt more on thin skin than thick skin.

All in all, the level of pain might be liable to increase if the play turns out to be intense.

Low Impact Paintball That Hurt Less

A Paintball Can Causes Bruises

Although a paintball welt or bruise gradually fades away within a few days, you can use some home remedies to make them disappear in a short time. You need to wash the affected area with warm soapy water and keep it clean at all times.

Next, you can apply a cold compress on the bruise since this will constrict the blood vessels underneath the skin and relieve swelling and bruising. After this, you can switch to applying a hot compress. Maintain a 15-minute interval between the hot and cold compress. You can also take medication to reduce swelling and pain.

Do Rubber Paintballs Hurt?

Rubber paintballs, also known as Reball, can cause more damage than regular paintballs. The regular paintballs are made of small plastic cases that are filled with paint.

They explode or burst when they come in contact with a target, leaving a small bruise that will be covered with paint. So, they don’t hurt anywhere near as much as the rubber ones.

The rubber paintballs don’t break when they hit; they just bounce. The rubber balls are usually used for target shooting. It would be wise not to shoot them at people. These rubber balls can crack lenses and leave much bigger bruises on your body.

How Do You Make Paintballs Hurt Less?

So by now, we have established that getting hit by a paintball is going to sting, no matter what. But how do we make sure that it hurts less? First, it’s better to wear several layers of clothes before you start playing. Check here expert-recommended clothes that will protect you from hurting.

You can always remove one or two layers if you begin to feel too warm. But wearing multiple layers will help cushion the brunt of the paintball pain by absorbing the pressure from paintballs.

For instance, you can wear a tracksuit bottom or a pair of baggy jeans as an extra layer of padding. Tops with long sleeves and a thick pair of socks may also help as well as a pair of thick gloves. So the more covered up you are, the better.

Other than this, you can also wear helmets, overalls, and goggles for extra protection. Before playing, you can establish a set of rules which will help reduce the chances of getting severely hurt.

Rules such as: not allowing players to shoot each other at a close range or restricting the speed at which the paintballs are fired.


In conclusion, wearing multiple layers of cloth and following the basic safety rules can keep you safe and decrease the chances of getting bruised by a paintball. With these precautions, you can gear yourself up for a fun experience.

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