How To Fix A Paintball Gun? (with Troubleshooting Tips)

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It’s a bummer when your paintball gun doesn’t work properly. Paintball matches are exciting and those guns cost you a pretty penny too. So, it’s good to make yours last and that requires proper maintenance.

But how to know whether your paintball gun needs to be repaired? What is the fix for a leak in the tank valve or barrel? What do you do if your gun malfunctions during a match? Well, you’ve come to the right place to get these questions answered.

You may face several problems while using a paintball gun. Let us tell you how to fix some of them:

How To Fix Paintball Gun

The paintball gun does not re-cock

You can’t have an empty air tank. So, if your tank does not have air, you must refill it. For this, check whether the gun is clean or not. Maybe paintballs got into the gun and jammed the bolt and hammer in their places. After you clean the gun in and out, you must lubricate everything.

The lack of pressure on the hammer is another reason why paintball guns do not re-cock. Using a hammer spring can increase the pressure. If it doesn’t work, perhaps you need to try with a new hammer spring.

Paintballs dropping from the barrel

This usually happens when your paintballs do not fit the gun’s barrel. The balls you are using may be too small for your paintball gun. It is also possible that you have a worn-out ball detent.

In this case, you need to change the ball detent on your gun and make sure that your paintballs are the correct size. Your gun probably comes with a manual for this. If not, search the web for instructions relating to this problem.

Air leaking from the gun’s barrel

You might have air leaking from the barrel. A short-term fix for this is oiling the air source adapter before you screw in a new tank. However, it is not a permanent solution and won’t last for long.

If it doesn’t work at all, it’s time to check the cup seal- because a worn-out seal is probably the culprit here. Replace your cup seal to fix this issue. You should follow the instructions for your particular gun to do this.

Air leaking close to the air source adapter (ASA)

Faulty O-rings can cause your paintball gun to malfunction. A common sign of this is a leak around the ASA (air source adapter). If you see air leaking close to the ASA after placing a gun tank, worn-out O-rings are a likely reason. So, all you would have to do is replace the damaged O-ring.

Double or multi firing

If you pull the trigger once but it fires multiple times before re-cocking, we call it multi-firing or double firing. This usually happens when the air tank is empty. Try refilling your paintball gun’s air tank to fix this issue.

Troubleshooting tips to repair a gun that won’t shoot

  • Does the breach have paint? If not, refill it. But remember that it should not be blocked.
  • Your micro-switch must only be open or closed. So, do not let the trigger come in touch with anything when it is completely open or closed.
  • Make sure that your marker is powered up before you shoot; otherwise, it won’t work. Press the button on your marker’s bottom and it should let you shoot nicely.
  • A damaged pilot valve can also cause a glitch. It is best to replace your pilot valve with a new one in case of wear.
  • Your trigger must be correctly adjusted or the micro-switch will not work properly.

Time to Call in the Paintball Experts

It is natural to not know if an expert is needed in a situation. Some things are best left for the pros, other things you can fix by yourself. If the fix doesn’t seem daunting, you can give it a go. But if it seems too hard or risky or if you get stuck midway, do not hesitate to call the experts.


Because paintball guns are such a big investment, it’s best to keep an eye out for possible damages. You can avoid a lot of hassle only by taking good care of yourself. But because components wear out over time, you might have to replace some of them. Also, several issues can pop up with use. If you can detect an issue, chances are you can take care of it on your own. Who knows, maybe you can save yourself some money and a trip to the maintenance guys.

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