Can Paintball Guns Shoot Marbles?

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What would happen if you shoot a marble with a paintball gun? Can you imagine the result of this experiment? If you answered “I have no idea,” then continue reading. In this blog post, we will explore what happens when marbles are shot with paintballs and the results may surprise you. Paintball guns aren’t meant to be used to fire marbles. It can be dangerous if you do but it’s possible to shoot marble with a paintball gun.

can paintball guns shoot marbles

Shooting Marble Using A Paintball Gun

Marbles can shoot from a paintball gun. But you need to make sure that the marble is just barely big enough so it fits into the barrel. The size of the paintball must be .68-caliber. If it is too small, then too much air will escape around it. This means that the ball will not go down the barrel fast or at all. If it is too big, then either it won’t fit into the barrel at all or it may get stuck in the barrel. If you want the marble to go fast, you may have to use more pressure. This is because marbles are heavier than paintballs and this will make the air pressure not enough to move it.

When you are playing with a paintball gun, do not use marbles. This is because they can be very dangerous when shot from a marker. Marbles are not good for paintball games because it’s not reliable. Marbles are heavy. This means that they need more pressure to fly out of a gun like a paintball. If you don’t know how to adjust it then it’ll make a mass situation. Marbles are different from paintballs so mind it will act differently. Paintball guns are not for marbles. Paintball guns can shoot marbles and they won’t break right away. Marbles are heavier than paintballs, so they need more force to get them out. But increasing the air pressure is not enough because the mechanism still has a spring.

Why Marble Isn’t for Paintball Marker

Don’t shoot a marble because it can be dangerous. Paintballs are designed to break on contact and hurt less than shooting marbles. Your paintball gun could cause severe injuries. It could even make someone blind. Be careful when you shoot. It is never a good idea to shoot marbles at people. Make sure that they have safety gear on. A second reason is that paintball guns are not meant for marbles. They could damage the gun. When you fire a gun, too much pressure can cause other damage like blown o-rings and overstretched springs. The final reason is that shooting marbles isn’t all that exciting. Instead, you can use a BB or pellet gun.


Paintball marker is able to shoot marble instead of paintballs but you shouldn’t do it because it will probably damage your marker and, even worse, you could hit the person and hurt them.

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