How Do Paintball Barrel Inserts Work? [Does Insert Size Make A Difference?]

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Anyone who knows much about paintball is aware that the barrel you’ve can have a noticeable impact on the efficiency and accuracy of your marker. Fortunately, a barrel insert unit can greatly boost the accuracy potential of your barrel. While that may be the case, many still wonder how to do these paintball barrel inserts work.

How Do Paintball Barrel Inserts Work

The function of Paintball Gun Barrels

Basically, paintball barrel inserts offer the player the greatest precise sized barrel relative to their paintballs. The barrel inserts of paintball always come in a group and vary a bit in size. This enables the user to get the most effective barrel, which on the other end boosts firing precision.

In this post, we’ll offer the reader an overall overview of how the barrel inserts work and the functions of all its components. So, let’s start off!

Components of paintball gun

Paintball guns come with simple design anatomy. Even though they differ slightly in outer appearance, size and shape, they all have some common components that are common and enable them to function properly. Let’s get to know these components:

  • The Hopper

A paintball hopper is a container that keeps your ammunition or paint before one can fire it. Also, the hopper is responsible for feeding the paintballs to the chamber.

  • The Body

The body is the component that is behind the entire unit. For instance, the body supports the firing mechanism like a trigger, coking knob, and venturi bolt.

  • The Tank

The main firing power is what is behind the tank. It usually depends on compressed air or CO2 to offer the force required for the paintball’s bearing out of the unit.

Factors that determine the quality of paintball insert

  • Length

A longer barrel can help to increase how accurate your gun will be. This comes in because as it goes through the barrel it straightens out. Though a longer barrel is more efficient, it does not necessarily mean that you will need the longest barrel. With a longer barrel, you will need more force to propel the paint through it by the chamber. Therefore, you should always balance these two variables.

  • Size

Different barrels and paintballs have different diameters. Paintballs usually range between 43-71 caliber though most have a size of 68 calibers. You can experience lousy accuracy if you are using a very large barrel for the paint. This means that the paint will try to bounce around the barrel while propelling from the gun.

Additionally, if it is too tight, it can open up the chamber or barrel as it can jam up. They are prone to shrinking and swelling when these materials are exposed to heat or cold.

How do paintball barrel inserts work?

Paintball barrel inserts are a set of barrels of different sizes that offers you the best fit for the balls that you are using. You always know if the barrel you are using is the most appropriate. This is by taking both the barrel and the ball you are going to use in the hopper. You can then drop the ball into the end of any of the inserts. You can then conclude that the barrel is too big if the ball goes through the barrel. However, it is appropriate if only it fits into the barrel and gets stuck at an inch or two.


We’ve just offered you in-depth information regarding the functionality of the paintball barrel insert. These inserts are made in sets and differ slightly in caliber. As such, a user is capable of choosing the insert that is sized well for firing the specific paintballs that they are using. With the appropriate sized-barrel insert the marker’s accuracy will be improved immensely.


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