Can Paintballs Be Frozen? [Does It Damage The Gun?]

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Can Paintballs Be Frozen? The answer might come as a surprise to many people in the world. Veteran paintball fans will want to try the experiment at home. Traditionally, the paintball is fired from a gun. The CO2-powered gun is going to propel the paintball quite hard.

The ball then splatters and sends paint flying in every direction. That is much fun and people have tested the guns in various ways. But some players want to try out a new experience when they get a chance. The frozen paintballs will collide against an object with a lot more force than usual.

Can Paintballs Be Frozen

What Happens When a Paintball Freezes?

Some people might understand that frozen paintballs are different. They of course become harder, which does more damage to a target. But the act of freezing paintballs will change the game in many ways. The ball can be deformed, which will alter how it moves once it is shot. The paintball can also form dimples, which can make it move in different ways once fired. The paintball might also become brittle, which changes how the paint is splattered. Understand these changes and make an informed decision about freezing paintballs.

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Does A Frozen Paintball Damage The Gun?

Many collectors are concerned about the state of their paintball gun. The gun can get jammed or damaged if loaded with frozen paintballs. Take heed that the gun doesn’t break after loading the frozen paintballs. That is a major hassle for a collector who wants to preserve the quality of the gun. Some people fire many shots with their favorite paintball gun. But frozen paintballs can take their toll on the gun itself. That is how the paintball gun can be destroyed in real-time. Get advice from veteran collectors about how to make the project work.

Do Frozen Paintballs Hurt?

Of course, the frozen paintballs will hit with a higher velocity. That makes them dangerous when fired at a person. It is best to just shoot the frozen paintballs at a stationary target too. That will do some damage and can be fun as well. Some people might be tempted to fire frozen paintballs at a person. But they should know about the pain that could inflict on a person. It is also possible that the frozen paintballs might injure a person on site. Take precautions and wear body armor if attempting that kind of stunt.


In conclusion, the frozen paintball trick is a fun one to try. Spent time freezing a bulk quantity of the frozen balls. The balls can be kept in storage and then loaded into the gun. Bring a cooler to keep the frozen paintballs cold for longer. That is a smart way of handling the project on location too. Expect to pay for the cost of buying bulk paintballs. Order them online and then chill them at home.

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