Will Paintballs Damage or Dent Your Car?

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No one likes to see dents or damage on their cars. And if it is caused by some paintballs which spot and dye the car, what would you do? There are times when paintball can dent your car. But at other times, it doesn’t dent but just leaves some dyes on the affected surface.

Paintball will dent your car if you shoot them from a high PSI paintball gun. It can dent if you shoot closer to the target, if it doesn’t break on impact, and if the build quality of the car is not good enough to withstand the hit.

Everything That Can Cause Paintballs to Dent Cars

Various talks are going on the internet about paintballs leaving a dent on their cars while splashing the spot with their dyes. Some say it doesn’t do that much damage. Let’s talk about some causes that can leave dents or damage on your car by paintballs.

1. Paintball Gun’s High PSI

The most important factor that leads paintball markers to have the pretty good combat power to work for long-range and short-range ones is the Paintball gun’s PSI. High PSI can ensure higher hit power.

This is why it is best to not target a car with a high psi paintball gun. It will hit harder than normal ones and will leave a dent on the spot of impact.

Will Paintballs Damage or Dent Your Car

2. Durability of Paintball

A paintball’s durability can vary from paintball to paintball. It can be fragile at times and can be very durable as a solid brick ball. Some will break on impact and some will not. High-quality paintballs are ensured to break on impact.

You cannot know the hit quality of the paintball unless and until it hits the target. But, sometimes, these paintballs are too durable, which will hit harder and will dent your car.

3. Target Distance

As we have discussed before, targeting from a short distance can damage your car no matter what the PSI of the gun or how durable the paintballs are.

Even if you shoot paintballs from a lower PSI gun, it will most likely leave a dent in your car as you’re shooting from a short distance. But, dent or not, it will mark the car with the paintball’s dye. And that is not funny for the owner of the car.

4. Target Vehicle’s Build Quality

Aside from the other factors, this can be quite a noticeable factor. Some vehicles are fragile enough to have dents very quickly and some vehicles are built like a tank. So, imagine hitting a fragile car with any type of paintball gun.

Yeah, it will shoot through it. But rigid vehicles are an exception in this case.

5. Barrel Length of Paintball Gun

A larger barrel can increase paintball shooting speed. The shorter barrel can make paintballs hit the target accurately but with less velocity.

This means if someone shoots a paintball with larger barrel paintball guns, it can directly hit a car and damage a fatal blow to parts like mirrors, tires, and even windshields.

How to Properly Clean Vehicle After Shooting Paintballs?

As soon as your car is hit, don’t stay in the sunlight for too long. Wash your car as you normally do, and use hot water and detergent. Start with the wheels, then the body, doors, and windshield.

Don’t use strong chemicals. Use microfiber towels and a soft sponge. For finishing, use spray sealant or wax to touch up your vehicle’s shine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Paintballs Damage Car Paint?

Yes, to an extent. If you leave your car after being shot by paintballs directly under the sun, it may leave stains or scuffs. If the paint becomes dry it will be very difficult to remove. So, as soon as you notice it, quickly wash your car with warm water and detergent.

Will Paintball Break Car Windows?

Paintballs can break the glass. It can break windows. But, the shattering of the glass or the window can vary according to the thickness of the glass, the type of the glass, and the velocity of the paintball marker.

Is It Illegal to Shoot Vehicles with Paintballs?

Yes. Generally, in the US. But, if the vehicle in question belongs to you then it’s all right. You must have the consent of the owner or else you are looking for arrests that can shave up some of your time in jail. Either way, you got to have consent in all matters in this case.


Yes, it can damage or even dent your car. But, based on some factors like paintball durability, vehicle’s build quality, paintball gun’s high PSI, short target distance, etc. paintball will or will not damage or dent your car.

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