Best Paintball Tips You Need For Better Paintballing

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Every sportsman has a time in their life where one had to struggle their way in the field no matter how the stakes are. Again, it doesn’t take a genius to read between the lines because everyone can do it and so can you.

Now and then people seek some tips and tactics for enhancing their experience and gameplay, but, there’s no clear-cut answer for that, cause, we play it out ourselves and it does vary from time to time, person to person.

Here, you are going to find about some paintball strategy, gun basics, how to tackle the impact of shots, some paintball tips for beginners, how to use covers to your advantage, tips to use while hiding, basics to follow in case of vision, and lastly, a brief about how to be good at paintball.

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Paintball Tips and Tricks For Improving Paintballing Skills

There is no shortcut to success. Unless you start grinding yourself to do something about it, there’s no helping in it. But, if you are looking to improve your skills at paintballing, you can start by improving your basics which get overlooked by us from time to time.

If you are new to paintball, please, read the rules, tactics and familiarize yourself with the field and learn about the weapons and gears. If you go through that, then you are going to have the basic groundwork done in your experience to enhance it.

Let’s get started.

1. Vision:

Among all the gears and equipment you can think of, the most important ones are the paintball mask or goggles. Over time, if the goggles are used and maintained wisely, it will give you a wide view of the field while also protecting your face alongside.

There’s a common problem among some goggles, and the most crucial one is the fogging of the goggles. And, if your vision gets like that, then it’s a no-go for you on the battlefield. Your game requires you to play with a clear vision as an advantage.

In the briefings, you can get tips on how to use anti-fog coatings and avoid gaps between the face and foam of goggles so that sweats don’t come in between them to create fog in the goggles.

And lastly, always wear a beanie or cap that can cover up the sweat of your head and soak them up to avoid the sweat from coming down to the lenses and create fog.

2. Basics of Gun:

When it comes to offense, guns are the first choice. And with its accuracy, you’re going to get the most out of your gun and gameplay experience.

First of all, take a feel of the shots. You should get a pretty idea about the thwarts and impacts after the shots.

As you might be going for the tournament or in the fields, you might want to make sure that the shots keep coming, and yes, every shot counts.

Brace the impact of the shots by pulling the gun’s air tanks close to your shoulders. Try the shots and re-adjust the gun and placement of it to get accuracy. Readjusting and taking another shot and another will help you get the knack of it.

Remember to keep both eyes wide open and look down at the gun while firing. Judge the distance of the targets and check and re-adjust the barrel size if needed.

While in the game zone, do not lower your gun and keep the gun up to react quicker on shots and ambushes. You want to keep the shots going so be ready to shoot at any time.

3. Use Cover:

While before getting to the game zone, be sure to familiarize yourself with the field to use it as an advantage. During the game zone, covers are the most important part of the defense.

Every tree, pillar, barricades, and bushes you’re going to find out there will be able to hide your body while using them as cover. And, sometimes, you need to keep your toes and feet in check whether they are hidden well or are they visible to your enemy.

Pick a cover that can provide you to watch out for the paintball shots and enemy. If you can see, then your inability might give your opposition a nice and easy advantage over you.

Wear clothes that blend well with your field and game zone. Move quickly and check out on the safe spot quickly to avoid shots. Read out this to know what to wear paintballing.

Don’t give away your cover by shooting constantly. Exposing too much might you away. Look at your feet and legs while hiding and pick covers that hide your whole body well.

You might even have to crouch or lay down flat on your stomach to avoid shots on the fields.

4. Objectives:

Be clear on the objectives or your missions. Keep yourself focused on the mission and keep calm. Listen to the head referee for the objectives. Sometimes head referees throw some free tips about the field and safe spots.

Team-Refs have a clear knowledge about field types sometimes. So, it would be better to know about the main key spots and as well the games that happened before. It will be fine too if you ask people who have played there before too.

Sometimes, you can get to know the previous players’ tactics beforehand if you get to consult with them. Sometimes they might throw you some extra gems too while you’re at it.

5. Playing Aggressively:

Now, playing aggressively doesn’t mean you have to knock the players up by foul methods. It means to take the chances or opportunities that present themselves in the game without hesitating your instinct.

Play your game with a level-headed mind. You don’t need to rush right at the start. Move quickly to your chosen spots and don’t give yourself away into the fields.

Confuse the enemy and dominate your oppositions to get a chance at switching out to another cover. You may find some better viewing angles which switching to a different spot. Check both sides around your cover for quick and easy shots.

Keep on your feet as it will enable you to react quickly and move out to another spot. Use lightweight football for easier footwear and locomotion. Read this if you want to know how bad do paintballs hurt.

6. Teamwork:

Paintball is more fun when teammates are involved in it. As communication is a must in team works, you can gain some useful tactics and initial moves. You can even formulate basic plans with your teammates in extreme needs.

Again, team works enhance experience far better than a normal playout. And you not only carry the responsibility of yourself but your teammates too even before and after the game. Follow and perform the assigned tasks and read between the lines.

Be sure to try playing outside your comfort zone, the results might surprise you.

7. Tactics:

Sometimes it is easy to try to come up with some tips and tricks yourself rather than being pointed out to do exactly by someone else. Fortunately, these tips and tactics are simple ideas that can be used in any situation.

Firstly, ensure that your teammates are spread out all across the game map. Try to get into areas that offer lots of covers in the game zone. With good opportunities to move freely, you can gain quick advantages over your opponent.

Side tap boundary players will have the most opportunities to attack the opponents very quickly unless they are smart at it. Attacking up a side tap is better as you’re protected from different angled shots.

You can try to shoot players by angling the shots towards the targets diagonally which in turn gives you a clear advantage over others and you won’t have to worry about giving away your position anymore.

The more opponents you kill on the field across, the more help you’re going to get from your teammates in providing covers. As a backup, you can assign a small number of players back at the front lines so that you can dominate over the enemy.

8. Communication:

Good communication bears the fruit of synchronized teamwork. There’s no “me” or “I” in team matches. And communication between teammates is very crucial to guard each other’s backs.

During game plays or tournaments, the communication between the team requires it to be quick, swift, and as easy as possible as the focus is literally on the game.

Some of the important stuff that you could use are the location of opponents, how many guys have your teammates knocked down, and how many of them are weak on a spot or were hiding.

For gathering these Intel, you have to have good teamwork and better communication tactics.

In some cases, many maps come with “Dead boxes” and “Re-enter” areas. It would be a wise choice if you can hid near these areas and keep headcounts or kill counts and report the numbers among teammates.

It is a useful hack that can both the time and effort you would normally need and through this paintball tip, everyone in your team can get to know the scores too.

How to Be Good At Paintball

Now, these paintball tips and tricks wouldn’t be any good for you unless you do something about yourself and try to improve your gameplay. To improve, you have to check on your movement and your control over your gameplay.

First, you have to reflect on your movement and be swift at it during your gameplay. You can slide, move faster, run, and hide behind covers. Faster and swifter movements can save you from getting shot in the game zone.

Second, you cannot go solo in a team match. Communicate with your team members, keep tabs on info of opponents and kill score, analyze and inform whatever you get on opponents. Get to know the field before starting and familiarize yourself and plan the attack.

Select team members and choose them the spot. Play calmly with a cool mind. Don’t rush unwisely. Observe your surroundings and have fun as much as you like while playing. Avoid taking things personally, because it’s just a game.

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You can try these paintball tips and tricks making adjustments however you may like. This paintball strategy is from the people who have played before you.

These paintball tips and tricks, paintball tips for beginners, however you name it are devised by the players who still follow these tips unwittingly even to this day. So choose wisely.

These are the real-life and proven tips you are going to get from any pro paintball players out there in the field. So do your best and good luck!

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