First Strike Paintball Review: Is It Worth The Hype?

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Generally, First Strike Paintball is also being referred to as First Strike Tiberius Arms Paintball. What makes this product unique from others is the fact that its shell is made from biodegradable polystyrene material.

The front of the first strike paintball comes in a round shape and is viewed cylindrically in the rear. This paintball has the ability to fly straighter and further compared to others. This ability of First Strike Paintball is being fostered by its characteristics of having external fins on its hollow cylinder.

Through these fins which act as rifling, First Strike was able to spin, resulting in a long shot. In fact, this product claims to fire from any .68 caliber paintball marker which is indeed ideal.

Since its shape is unique from others, it is necessary that the breach of a marker is accurately shaped. Otherwise, a slow process shall be expected.

In this First Strike Paintball Review, there are three essential parts being discussed: the overview, its features, and its pros and cons.

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Features of First Strike Tiberius Arms Paintball

First Strike’s Special Use

First Strike Paintball is considered special ammunition which was designed for military purposes. This is said to be designed for special use of military training. What makes it more special is the fact that there is only one manufacturer of First Strikes.

Unique Physique

When compared to other regular paintballs available in the market, First Strike is obviously unique when it comes to physiques, which causes its distance shots and speed character. In addition, aside from its unique bullet shape, this paintball is also said to be reloaded only on magazines, making it impossible to work on normal hoppers.

This paintball is also harder than others, which definitely means there is higher pressure.

Long Distance Shots

When it comes to speed, First Strikes recorded 1.5 times faster than the regular paintballs, which makes it popular and unique. This is the main reason why this is recommended to distance shooters and snipers. Specifically, this paintball has the ability to hit over 100m distance.

Variety in Color and Size

First Strike Paintball comes in different colors such as red, mint green, dark gray, blue, pink, orange, and others. When it comes to sizes, there are also available choices, however, since it can be reloaded only through magazines, not all magazines are applicable. This is due to the fact that First Strike Paintball has the unique shape of bullet.

Pros and Cons of First Strike Paintball


  • First Strike Paintball is popular and is made for special purposes which is the military mission and training.
  • These paintballs have unique and better features in speed, distance, and pressure among other regular paintballs.
  • It can be reloaded through magazines, making it easier to be learned and used by those who have it.


  • These are expensive than ordinary paintballs

Key Takeaways

This First Strike Paintball Review is evidently communicating that the product is actually better than the regular ones. Although they are said to be expensive, their features in speed, high pressure, and distance shots will surely make the price worth it.

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