First Strike Paintball Review: Is It Worth The Hype?

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First Strike Paintball is a newer type of paintball field that has been gaining popularity recently. First, what’s the difference between First Strike and regular paintballs? First Strike balls are smaller, more accurate, and have less bounce when they hit objects. This means First Strikes fly straighter than standard balls for increased accuracy on your opponent. They also don’t bounce as much off the ground so you can get closer to your target without them noticing.

If you are a paintball enthusiast, you want to know what will make it the best experience. From what gear you wear to what paintballs you use and which field you play in, you need the right choices. What kind of paintballs have you been using? Let us tell you how First Strike Paintball is better than other options and how it can make your experience better.

First Strike Paintball

First Strike Paintball Specification

Aerodynamic shape and fins stabilize the paintballs. The end of the barrel is built to make a round ball or a long ball, but this doesn’t change its accuracy. With First Strike, you can shoot far away and your shots will still go straight to where you want them. You can also use this with Tiberius Arms markers that have been converted with the First Strike kit.

The First Strike Paintball Rounds are .683. That is different from the other paintballs, which are closer to .689. If you use a.683 FSR paintball barrel, you must ensure that standard paintballs will fit through the barrel without breaking. But with First Strike rounds, this will not be a problem because they are smaller and should fit easily.

Features of First Strike Tiberius Arms Paintball

First Strike Paintballs can be shot out of most paintball markers. You don’t need a special marker to shoot them with. They are best used in a magazine-fed marker, but many fields will allow you to use them even if you don’t have the right kind of marker.

When you shoot someone with a First Strike Paintball, it feels like regular paintballs. Close up they are the same as regular paintballs. They make a whistling sound that can scare people who hear them coming. These are important features when you play the game of paintball. You can use barrels to hold your First Strike Paintball from .683 to .689 in size so they will fit in your gun barrel.

First Strike paintballs provide more accuracy and a faster FPS. These paintballs are accurate and can go 280 FPS. You will notice the difference in how straight they shoot and how far they go. You will be pleased with these paintballs because of their accuracy and power. These are excellent for shooting targets from a distance, too.

What to Look for in Your Paintball?

You want paintballs that are biodegradable and non-toxic. But you can’t take off all of the factors, so you want to make sure that the paintball is of good quality. Don’t use paintballs that break in your barrel. You want to make sure you have the right paintball so you can have a good range and accuracy. The best paintballs for this are ones that will give you every advantage possible.

A good paintball needs to be well made. It should have a strong shell that won’t break when you shoot it. Some balls are made especially for weather like rain or shine.

Final Thought

First Strike paintballs are a 5-star experience. They’ll upgrade your game. There is one key factor when choosing your paintballs, which is to get the right ones for your marker. Normal paintballs only work well at about 150 feet away, but First Strike will go twice as far with good effect – and they don’t have the limitations of regular paintballs.

Most paintballs are made out of a shell made of gelatin. They also have water inside them with the paint you want on the outside. First Strike Paintballs, on the other hand, are made of plastic and have better quality paint inside than regular ones do. This means that your shots will be more accurate when using First Strike Paintballs and you will not need to shoot as many rounds to get one in the right place.


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