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Do you want a paintball marker that is lightweight, easy to handle, and functional? The Empire Mini GS might be something for you. This reliable blaster offers practical features so it’s perfect for beginners or smaller-handed players. It also operates quietly which makes stealth scenarios more likely of success with this option than others could offer! While the compact size may not work well for some adult players, everyone else will find plenty they like about this choice – especially its reliability at such an affordable price point.

empire mini gs review

Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun Specification

The Empire Mini GS is an upgraded version of the popular paintball marker. The team at Empire has taken the proven Mini platform and designed it to be even better than before with a full wrap-around rubber foregrip that creates a secure grip in addition to protecting from paint leaks, while also incorporating an On/Off ASA so you can quickly remove your tank without any thread issues!

For those who want more control over their markers settings, there’s no room for installing Redline OLED board due to new design eliminating any need to switch out grips. The Mini GS comes with an upgraded design for total performance. With a hose-less system and eyes that are not only functional but attractive, this gun will do anything you need it to.

empire mini gs paintball marker


Features of Empire Mini GS Marker

Ergonomic Style

The Mini GS is the perfect gun for people who are new to paintball. It’s designed with a comfortable handle and sleek design, so it won’t be too heavy or bulky on your body during long games.

Micro-Switch Trigger

With the new micro-switch trigger, Empire has made it easier for you to feel whether or not your shot was a hit. This is going to be helpful if you’re playing casually with friends and want more feedback than just seeing them go down on their own accord, but this will also help serious players in games like speedball that require quick reflexes.

HPA Tank

The Empire Mini GS is the most compact paintball gun currently on the market. It’s equipped with a 45/4500 HPA tank, meaning that it shoots 11,000 rounds before running out of air and giving you plenty to last even for long games without having to reload your tanks as often. This feature has several benefits- firstly, no need to spend precious time loading your own compressed air every few games so whenever top players want their game done quickly they can trust this small but mighty marker. Secondly, there are fewer things in tow since carrying around an extra gas tank isn’t necessary when you have enough shots per second up until one hour into playtime left ahead of time thanks again to its high-capacity tank system.

empire mini gs marker maintenance

Enhanced rubber grip

The enhanced rubber grip envelops the handle of this marker until you get to the trigger area. The design and shape make it more comfortable for players, especially if they’re wearing gloves because then the gun doesn’t slip so easily.


With the Mini GS, Empire has made it easier than ever to degas your HPA tanks. The On/Off ASA switch allows for an easy tank removal without damaging those pesky o-rings that can be so difficult to get at sometimes! This $50 upgrade is a no-brainer and you should definitely go out there and buy one today if this applies in any way whatsoever to what kind of paintball player you are or aspire to become.

Pros & Cons of Empire Mini GS Review


The Empire Mini Paintball Marker is a small, lightweight marker that makes it easy to control and aim. It has rubber grips for the foregrip so you don’t lose grip in your hand during play. This paintball gun features multiple shooting modes like Semi-Auto, PSP (a lower rate of fire), Ramping (for increased precision with semi or full auto) as well as Full Auto mode! The on/off ASA valve will let players use any tank they want without worry about compatibility issues; additionally this mini paintball machine comes equipped with an anti-chop eyes system which prevents balls from getting stuck inside the feedneck area after firing them out at enemy teams!


The smaller frame of this gun makes it hard to handle for bigger players. The 12-inch stock barrel can make shots difficult and the lack of an OLED board means that you won’t be able to see how many rounds are left in your magazine until after a reload is completed, which slows down gameplay since everyone else will know what’s up before you do!

How Does the Empire Mini GS Review Compare with Other Paintball Markers?

Compared to other mid-range markers, the qualities of this marker are more desirable due to its reliability and affordability. Some companies that produce higher-priced guns with worse performance have less experience than the well-known brand that produces it.

Final Thought

The Empire Mini GS is the best speedball marker for intermediate players and people trying to stay on a budget. It has great quality without having outrageous prices, which makes it perfect for those who want good performance but don’t have all the cash or time to get a high-end gun. I recommend getting one of these guns as soon as possible because if you do not like what you bought they will take it back with no problem; however more than likely your first purchase should be successful and prove why this product has so many fans!

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