Planet Eclipse Emek Review: Is It Worth It?

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The Planet Eclipse Emek is a high-end electro, semi, and mechanical gun for Planet Eclipse. It has three different modes to change the experience from woodsball to speedball. Planet Eclipse’s newest release features an all new frame design with a mid-frame feed system that reduces ball chop and improves accuracy in any mode. The Planet Eclipse Emek offers the latest in technology while still maintaining Planet eclipse’s tried and true reliability. If you are looking for the best paintball marker on the market today, this is it.

planet eclipse emek review

Planet Eclipse Markers

The brand Planet Eclipse has been in the paintball game for over 26 years, and with their experience as a luxury manufacturer of high-end markers, they have created an entry-level marker that provides all the quality you would expect from them.

The Planet Eclipse Emek paintball marker has generated a lot of interest from the world of paintball enthusiasts. The gun is favored for its versatility and reliability, which helps to give players an advantage over their opponents in terms of speed and accuracy. More electronic paintball gun under 300 review here.

Features & Specification of Planet Eclipse Emek 100 Mechanical Paintball Marker

Gamma Core Technology

The Gamma Core technology is Planet Eclipse’s newest innovation that reduces the maintenance needed on your Emek. With this new tech, you buy fewer gas tanks and have a back with less recoil or kickback in the future (more efficient). This innovative technique makes use of minimal air which results in an accurate shot because it has no unwanted pressures for more accuracy.

Durable material

The Planet Eclipse Emek uses a durable, sturdy composite of glass-reinforced nylon and aircraft grade aluminum in its design. Most guns have hard aluminum but the two materials are used to provide strength on other parts including the bottom line adapter which is made from aircraft grade aluminum as well.

This gun can be used at any temperature with extremely high durability because both types of material protect against wear when they’re exposed to different levels of heat or cold.

planet eclipse emek 100 mechanical paintball marker

Tool-less Grip Access

It doesn’t require any tools to be opened and the design allows you easy access to its internal components so that maintenance can be convenient. Accessing this part of the weapon during game play will make all the difference in your performance.

Single and Smooth Trigger

The Planet Eclipse Emek’s single-action trigger system is dependable and offers a smooth pull for firing. There are two modes of fire: semi auto or full automatic, with the option to switch between them through its menu system which adjusts how many balls are released per second in each mode. The Planet Eclipse Emek can shoot around 8 paintballs per second on average, but some people claim that they can fire 10 shots. The trigger is smooth yet not soft; don’t expect it to be easy to pull like other guns.

Pros & Cons of Planet Eclipse Emek


The Planet Eclipse EM7 Marker is a great choice for beginners looking to get started in the sport of paintball. It’s affordable, lightweight and compact, easy to use with its ergonomic trigger and grip that ensures you’ll have an efficient shooting experience. You can rest assured knowing this marker will last because it has been designed from high-grade aluminum alloy metal construction which makes it durable while also providing consistent performance at all times!


The disadvantages of the Planet Eclipse Emek paintball marker are that its barrel is short, and not suited for speedball.


The Planet Eclipse Emek is a practical, impressive paintball gun that looks like it would be right at home in the hands of an elite soldier. Built to perform and built for speed, this lightweight weapon will have you running circles around your competition before they even know what hit them! It comes standard with all kinds of nifty features – perfect if you’re on a budget or looking for something high-performance. You can’t afford to leave the Emek out when choosing which amazing paintball device fits best into your game plan!

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