GOG eNMEy Paintball Marker Review: Good Choice for Those Who Value Quality

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If you’re just getting into paintball, you might not want to spend a lot of money on equipment. This article will tell you about an excellent starter gun–the Gog eNMEY that is one of the best paintball markers . Gog is one of the best brands in the paintball space and this gun upholds its reputation for quality and versatility.

For this article, we’ll break down some parts of the Gog eNMEY including accuracy, design quality, range, price, and warranty.

gog enmey review

GOG eNMEy Specification

This gun is really strong and shoots fast. I like to use this gun with a 10-12 inch barrel because it is accurate and has really good speed. This gun can shoot at 160 PSI which means you get a lot of power for your shots. It also has an awesome design that makes it easier to switch from CO2 to compressed air or vice versa without much fuss. I have used this gun for about 5 years now and haven’t had any problems with it yet!

Features of GOG eNMEy paintball gun

The Gog Enmey is a good paintball gun for beginners. It has a lot of features that are good for beginners and it will not cost you much money. It could also be a backup for an experienced player.


This paintball gun is simple and streamlined. It has a combined cover made of both composite and aluminum with some flair too. You can get your gun in a few different colors, like green, blue, red, or black and gray.


The eNMEy claims to have anti-chop technology and low bolt pressure. The paintball gun is able to fire more easily. It will not get stuck when it shoots the ball. That reduces the chance of chopping a ball. The bolt can be removed easily if there is a blockage. There is a high-end spool valve in the gun that improves accuracy by giving continuous airflow every time you pull the trigger. The gun can also be adjusted quickly to different pressures for certain tournaments and play areas.

gog emney paintball gun


The Gog Enmey has a pneumatic action. This is because it does not need to have any metal-on-metal moving parts. It is important for people who want their paintball gun to be simple and low maintenance, or who are renting the paintball gun at a paintball facility. The bolt and main valve can be taken apart and put together in minutes. You should clean the gun after a match. Gog Enmey is a big brand that has many parts you might need to replace or add on.


It is a paintball gun that is easy to take apart and clean. It only takes around 2 minutes to take it apart and clean all the parts. The paintball gun has simple parts which mean you will enjoy quick, easy maintenance. Remember to read the instructions in the manual before using the gun.

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Pros & Cons of GOG eNMEy Paintball Marker

Pros: This rifle is durable and reliable. It can be upgraded and customized. It comes with an anti-chop mechanism. You do not need to do much maintenance on it, and there is little kickback or recoil. There are no batteries needed for this rifle because it has a spool valve design that makes it silent and smooth when firing your gun.

Cons: It is hard to depressurize the tank before you remove it because there is no switch on your air regulator. There is a replacement braided steel line for air that you can use with this. You can also upgrade this easily.

Final Thought

Package deals seem like a great way to buy things. But many of the add-ons are just junk used to sell more products. For that reason, we recommend starting with a good quality gun and then buying accessories as needed until you are ready to shoot. With the Gog Enmey paintball gun, you can start out with a high-quality gun and not buy extra junk that may be bad quality.

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