Tippmann Cronus Review: Trigger System That’s Customizable & Durable

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The Tippmann Cronus is a great starter marker that will last you through your early years of paintball. Tippmann has designed the Tippmann Cronus to be both customizable and durable, which makes it perfect for players who are just starting out in this sport. The Tippmann Cronus Review below discusses some of the features that make this gun stand out among other beginner markers on the market.

The Tippmann Cronus Tactical is a high-performance and durable marker that offers military style. The in-line bolt system makes this an easy-to-use, reliable marker with three main mods including the mock silencer, adjustable stock handle, and carry handles for versatility. It also includes four picatinny rails so it can be further modified by mounting accessories such as sights or laser pointers. Check price here.

tippmann cronus

Specification of Tippmann Cronus

The 68 caliber bolt action paintball marker is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. It can be used on CO2, compressed air, or nitrogen and has a semi-automatic operation with mechanical trigger ball feed gravity. The 9.5-inch barrel length will allow you to take shots from far away targets while still being accurate up close ones for hunting small game like squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, and more! This gun weighs 3.7 lbs so it’s easy enough for anyone in your family of all ages including children as long as they are tall enough (minimum 42 inches).

Features of Tippmann Cronus


The Tippmann Cronus is a semi-automatic paintball gun that can fire continuously without the need for manually loading. The operation begins with selecting your firing mode from three options: safe, semiautomatic, or fully automatic. Once you have selected and locked into one of these modes on the marker’s selector switch (which also functions as a safety), all it takes is pulling back and releasing the trigger at any time during use to shoot automatically until empty while using up only half an ounce of air per shot.

Military Style

The Tippmann Cronus offers a military-style design to make your paintball gun feel more realistic. The model resembles an M3 rifle, giving you the competitive edge on both looks and gameplay. The robust design of the Tippmann Cronus makes it a sturdy paintball gun and unlike other competitors, is more durable. The tough exterior also ensures that your marker does not break even when used regularly for long periods of time. Four built-in rails allow you to customize this model with accessories such as scopes or grips but two are all most players need in their hunt for victory against opponents on the battlefield!

CO2 and compressed air qualification

Tippmann Cronus is a versatile marker that can use CO2 and HPA. If you want to have the freedom of choice, it’s perfect because it gives access to both types of air without any external factors affecting your ability for them. However, if consistency is what matters most then go with HPA as this one will never run out or need an adjustment due to changing weather conditions like CO2 does.

In-blot System

The Tippmann Cronus’ in-line bolt system makes it easier for beginners and improves the comfort of your grip. The improved grip will improve your accuracy even if you’re not as good at aiming with this marker.

Shooting Calibre

Tippmann Cronus is an automatic paintball marker that shoots smoothly and accurately up to 150 feet. For those looking for a semi-automatic model, the Tippmann Cronus works great both as a novice weapon or an intermediate player’s sidekick. The key benefit of this new design is its capacity to shoot eight balls per second with precision accuracy.

tippmann cronus paintball marker

Adjustable Customization

With four available rails, the Tippman Cronus is an extremely customizable marker. The main body of the gun includes multiple options for upgrades, including scopes to improve your accuracy and more significant modification with a full upgrade to Special Tactical Edit.

One of my favorite features about this rifle is all its customizations that allow you to bring out your inner sniper or shotgunner in whatever way suits you best – if at all! The Cronus model has been designed specifically with new players in mind- it offers high levels of customization, from the grip to different barrel lengths. With this marker, you can easily upgrade your paintball gun as you improve and become more experienced at playing.

The Cronus is a top choice for beginners due to its level of customization that allows them to bring their skill up over time without having to invest in an entirely new weapon right away like most other markers on the market do!

Pros and Cons of The Tippmann Cronus


This gun is lightweight and compact, which makes it easy to carry anywhere. It offers multiple customization options so you can set up the weapon just how you want it, down to every detail. The military-style rifle shoots 8 balls per second with a rubber grip for increased comfort when shooting long periods of time or in awkward positions.


The barrel must be improved in order to make the gun more accurate and efficient.

Why is Tippmann Cronus Unique?

The Tippmann Cronus Paintball Gun is a top-end performance gun that makes paintballs explode on impact. It has an invertible feeder, which allows it to be righty or lefty compatible and feeds from easily reloadable tubes for quick low profile loading of up to 18 shots per loader! The ergonomic grip also provides better control with less recoil while the textured rubber trigger gives you more traction when shooting.

The first reason why this gun appeals to many people, especially beginners, is its unmatched reliability; with its true practicality and durable construction. This consideration by proficient engineers at Tippmann ensures that users will have an experience tailored specifically towards their needs when using the product – all while being able to take a real beating!

Tippmann Cronus Tactical Edition

The Tippmann Cronus Tactical Edition is a semi-automatic marker that effectively delivers smooth shots. It also includes an extra grip on the front of the gun, which can be added or detached as per your preference! The paintball marker is a sleek, compact gun.

tippmann cronus tactical version

The back features a folding stock so that the user can immediately modify it to fit their needs. Features like rails are also on both sides of the weapon and come standard with Tactical Edition for better barrel sleeve storage as well as easy cleaning. A-5 upgrades make this one of the best markers out there!

Final Thought

The Tippmann Cronus is a paintball marker that will exceed your expectations. This gun has many features including the fact that it lasts for so many years and can be used by intermediate players as well. When you compare this to other markers, there’s nothing you won’t like about the Tippmann Cronus except its weight which isn’t an issue if you’re not sensitive to it. Overall, I think this is a great choice when looking at paintball guns because of how durable and long-lasting they are without sacrificing performance or accuracy!

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