How Long Do Paintballs Last? This Long!

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The lifespan of paintballs typically depends on their manufacturers. So, it varies greatly depending on factors like quality and the price of the paintballs that you have purchased.

Regardless of how long they are supposed to last, all paintballs are made up of biodegradable materials that break down over time. This means that you cannot just toss the paintballs casually with the expectation that they will remain new and intact.

So how long do paintballs last actually depend on how long you want to make them last. In layman’s terms, there are some ways that you must follow to properly take care of them.

how long do paintballs last

Do Paintballs Expire?

Yes, paintballs come with an expiration date. The shell starts to become softer over time and won’t break as easily. Moreover, they will also become flattened at the bottom, and this will make it harder to shoot.

They might also expand and contract due to the temperature, and this will cause the paintballs to become dimpled.

How Long Does A Paintball Last?

» Box of 500 Paintballs

A package or box of 500 paintballs can last up to 3 to 4 hours. Then again, this depends on the quality and cost of the paintballs. It also depends on how intense the game is.

» Box of 200 Paintballs

A package of 200 paintballs will last up to a maximum of an hour or two. So, if you want to play a short game of paintball with less intensity, this package might just be the right one for you.

» Box of 1000 Paintballs

A package of 1000 paintballs can last up to 7 to 8 hours. It mostly depends on how many players are playing and how fast-paced the game is. Furthermore, the more you shoot, the faster the paintballs run out, so it also depends on how you play.

» How Long Do 0.68 Caliber Paintballs Last in Storage?

To ensure maximum shelf life, you have to store your paintballs in a dry and cool area. If you fail to take care of them properly, then you will most likely face problems when you begin to use them.

Different qualities of paintballs require different storage times. But it all comes down to the kind of paintball that you have purchased. If you purchased an expensive brand of paintballs, then it is guaranteed to last you for up to a year.

With proper paintball storage, this can be managed. The cheaper paintballs might not last more than 3 to 5 months. So, the more you spend on them, the more they will last.

» How Long Do Unopened Paintballs Last?

According to manufacturers, the shell life of the paintballs is about three months. However, some players have claimed that they have used theirs for over a year.

In the original packaging, the unopened paintballs can last up to a year. That is if you store them carefully in a dry area. Especially if it is refrigerated, the paintballs will not break down or dimple and will remain new and intact.

Proper Storage for Paintballs

To make sure that the paintballs work efficiently in games, you have to keep them stored properly. If you suitably maintain them, they will last you between the games and be able to deliver consistent performance during the match.

Many paintball brands usually provide specific directions on how to store them. So, when you want to store them, start checking the methods mentioned by the manufacturer.

However, there are some basic directions that everyone can follow if they don’t receive one from the manufacturer. One of them is to keep the paintballs in a cool and dry place.

You also have to rotate the paintballs now and then. The optimum temperature to store the paintballs ranges from 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure not to keep them in a humid spot since this might cause them to swell and malfunction.


All in all, you shouldn’t take the lifespan of a paintball for granted. If not properly looked after, the paintballs will start to malfunction. So, if you follow the steps carefully, you can enjoy using your paintballs for a long period.

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