How To Clean A Paintball Mask: A Complete Guide

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A dirty paintball is surely something to make your mood go sideways in-game zone. Cause, a paintball mask does contribute to your gameplay and experience. Eventually, it may hinder your vision and gameplay in the process.

So, here, we are going over:

  • How to clean a paintball mask
  • How often should clean your mask
  • What products should you use for cleaning
  • What to look out for while cleaning

how to clean paintball mask

4 Steps to Clean Your Paintball Mask

Here are the things you should do while cleaning paintball masks. Such as-

Step 1: Give The Lens A Quick Inspection

Give the lens a very thorough but quick inspection. Hold the mask to the light and check the surface and edges of the lens. If there is any deformity or crack on the lens, replace it with a new one. You can’t have your break up in the middle of the game.

Replace the lenses even if they take a direct shot within 15 yards.

Lenses last longer to a year if cared for properly. It’s better to replace the lens before it’s too late.

Step 2: Clean The Exterior and Remove Splatters

Now, if there is any sort of paint, mud, or any type of residue, you must rinse your whole mask with water thoroughly with a low-pressure stream. The mask should be held perpendicular to the water stream so that it doesn’t get inside the dual-pane lens ones.

Rinsing off the mask with hot water at a low to medium pressure stream will get the paints easily. Let it dry out in the air for a few hours. Now, take a clean microfiber cloth and some paintball-approved lens cleaner, wipe out any remaining residues.

Step 3: Clean The Insides

Now, on the insides, there might be no paints, but, you need to be very careful while cleaning. You should not apply a water stream on the insides. Just use a clean microfiber cloth and some lens cleaner to clean.

Don’t be quick. Be very careful on the lens. These lenses might seem durable enough, but it is too sensitive to scratches and can be damaged.

Gently wipe off residues and use a wet sponge to apply on other areas instead of the lens. Leave it to dry for a while and then it will be ready.

Step 4: Inspect The Lens Again

Now, you have a nice and clean mask and the lens are shiny and clean as well. But, check your lens out AGAIN. Inspect thoroughly, check for deformities, scratches, and cracks. You might have missed some as it was covered in dirt and paints earlier.

And that’s how you clean a paintball mask. That wasn’t hard, was it?

What Products Should You Use To Clean Your Paintball Mask?

Here, we are going to need these

Now, when we talk about Lens cleaner, these cleaners are the anti-fog lens sprays and cleaners paintball approved.

Things you shouldn’t use:

  • Any kind of household cleaners both the indoor and outdoor ones, glass, surface cleaners.
  • No application of vinegar, citrus or, Windex, etc.
  • Towels, dish rags, Kleenex, Wipers, Coarse surface cloths, or even paper tissues or towels.

These things should be avoided while cleaning masks, as they can scratch the surface, degrade coatings that stay on the lens.

Why You Should Clean Your Paintball Mask?

If a mask has debris paints all over it or even partially, how are you going to play with that? You can’t give your 100% if you can’t see 100% visuals. And with that all the debris and paints on the mask, how are you going to identify the cracks on the mask or even in the lens?

For that, you need to clean it up and inspect it thoroughly. Paints that stay on the parts for a long time, break the material and the surface of it. But, a mask that is maintained and cleaned, lasts longer than you can imagine.

How Often Should You Clean Your Mask?

Now, after every game, you have some off moments to catch up to your normal state. So, why don’t you clean your mask at that moment even resting alongside? Because in that very moment, you can clean your mask thoroughly which can prep your mask up for the next play.

It might seem tiresome, but please get that cleaning part into your routine after every gameplay. And paintball masks are very durable and last longer if you take care of them regularly and routine-wise.

Heck, you don’t even need other maintenances to worry about!


Paintball masks are pretty easy to clean, but if you’re not careful, you might end up damaging them. It requires no extra maintenance if you clean your mask regularly after games. And trust me, after cleaning it down, the result is a thousand times better than you would think.

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