How To Keep Paintball Mask From Fogging: 5 Ways To Consider

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Keeping your paintball mask from fogging is a huge part of how you play the game. If you can’t see, how do you know where to shoot? But how many times have you gotten frustrated with your paintball mask because it has been foggy and icky? Have no fear, we’re here to help! We’ve compiled 5 ways that will stop your masks from fogging so that you can get back to playing in peace.

How To Keep Paintball Mask From Fogging

5 Ways to Stop Your Paintball Mask from Fogging

1. Anti-fog Coating

A fog-resistant coating is a thin layer. It will go on the inside of your mask. This layer will help stop your glasses from getting foggy during games or while you are playing outside in the cold weather. Fog-resistant coatings are still prone to wear and tear. They’re not permanent parts of the paintball mask. You’ll need to replace or buy a new coating from time to time. But when you do, fog will be less likely because you have a coating that is more resistant than your old one wasn’t.

Newer versions of paintball masks have fog-resistant coatings. If your current mask doesn’t have one, it might be time to replace it with a new one.

2. Thermal Lenses

Thermal lenses are made up of two layers of the lens with an air-filled space in between. This is a protective barrier that keeps the inner lens close to your face, so it will not get cold and wet. Thermal lenses are a special lens that is part of a mask. They keep the fog from coming in and make it easier to see.

Thermal lenses are a type of lens that can be either single-pane or dual-pane. They aren’t the same as the ones worn by scuba divers. These lenses work to keep fog from building up so they are the best way to prevent it so far.

3. Mask Fans

Masks with defogging fans come ready to go. It is easy to find a mask that has a fan built-in. When the mask is on, you can turn the fan on and it will blow air across your goggles, which helps dry them out. This will make fogging go away!

Mask fans are what you need if you want to keep air inside your mask. It will take out the old air and put in new, fresh air. The result is that you don’t have fog all over your face.

These Fans work well, but they are very expensive and need batteries. Fans can make a lot of noise and sometimes break. But they do reduce the fog, even in more humid conditions.

4. Fog-resistant Spray

Anti-fog spray is a mist that will keep you from fogging up your glasses. This is because it will stop the moisture from condensing on them. Some people say that anti-fog spray works well, but others have mixed results. On hot days when it is very humid, the spray may not work as well.

5. Cleanser (Soap, Shaving Foam)

If you use shaving cream, soap or vaseline put some on the inside of the lens. Then spread it around. You want to leave some on there, but not too much. If you don’t want any leftovers, wipe off what’s left with a towel or a microfiber cloth. When you clean your glasses, just use water and microfiber cloth so you don’t damage the lens.


With these five tips, you should be able to stop your mask from fogging and get back to playing the game that you love. Remember, it’s all about how quickly we can react when our masks start getting foggy–the faster we take care of them the better! So what are you waiting for? Head over here now and learn more about how to keep your paintball mask from fogging so that you don’t have any problems during gameplay.

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