Empire Sniper Review: What You Need To Know

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Empire Sniper paintball gun is a popular tournament-level gun. It guarantees super performance on the field. This high-quality gun is based on the renowned WGP snipers or you may also call it auto-cocker design. The Empire production company has this paintballing marker that can continuously match and compete with other tournament markers.

It’s made with quality materials that will last you through countless games. If you’re looking for an excellent option, then this might be what you need to know about Empire Sniper Review.

empire sniper review

Empire Sniper Specification

This gun shoots well. It is easy to handle and perfect for a tournament. You can shoot it quickly because it has an auto-trigger, and you can hold the 10 rounds in the mechanism. This gun also has a vertical feed so that you do not have to reload as often. This gun also has an inline regulator so that your pressure does not change when shooting, and an off-auto ASA with a bleed hole so that air will not leak out when you are shooting. There are 3 different barrels included, one at 14 inches long with three sizes of barrel inserts to choose from .675, .680, .685.

How Does the Empire Sniper Perform?

The Empire Sniper is easy for you to handle because it has a grip. This gun is also comfortable. The grips have grooves that make it easier to hold the gun. And the accuracy of your shots will be much better too. The upgraded version of the Empire Sniper is a marker that is one of the best in its class. It can fire quickly and efficiently just like other semi-automatic guns. You will be able to shoot up to 50 feet away and still have good accuracy.

You can use this marker to shoot at a target. You can start the re-cocking process with just two fingers. This means that you can keep the barrel of the marker in front of your target while you are re-cocking it. That way, you can shoot and shoot again without having to stop for long. This marker is easy to work with because the grip is smooth. It’s also light and has an automatic trigger, so you can use it easily.

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Features of Empire Sniper paintball gun


The Empire Sniper is a paintball gun that shoots low pressure. It has an automatic trigger and pump, and it can shoot fast.

It has a 14-inch barrel with three barrels to choose from. It also includes a regulator that you can put anywhere on the marker. The 300psi gauge is easy to read and calibrate.


The Empire Sniper grips have a wrapped-around feel. You can find an effective finger groove here too. The paintball marker feels great in your hands because of the modern pump features that are updated over the original Sniper. There is a lot of buzz around this paintball gun since it performs as well as most semi-automatic guns and shoots as fast too.

We are not lying but many people say that this is a gold standard of elite pump models because it shoots fast and is very precise. You can shoot from 50 feet away and most of the time hit the target or come close to it. The handle on the marker makes it easy to re-cock while still keeping the barrel pointed at your target.


This paintball gun is really good. It shoots well and has no problems. You need to buy an air bottle, paintballs, and a hopper in order to use this gun. The manufacturer made it so that the weight is evenly distributed, making it easier to shoot. This makes for better balance too. The gun also has an on-and-off connector controlled by a lever for the air bottle and paintball gun’s in-line controller.

The marker is fast. It has a clamping feed neck to hold the hopper. The pump rods are in place and everything works well. You can use several hoppers and air bottles to switch when you need them for games or challenges.


This model is easy to use as soon as you take it out of the box. You just need to do some maintenance every once in a while to keep your gun in good working order. Make sure you clean it and lubricate it with oil after each time you play paintball. This will make your gun last for years so that you can enjoy many more games without much work.

Final Thoughts

The Empire Sniper is a great choice for those looking to purchase their first sniper rifle. It’s affordable, accurate, and can be used in any environment. If you need more information about the Empire Sniper or want to order one of your own, just click here.

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