Dye Precision I4 Paintball Goggle Review: Good Choice for Those Who Value Quality

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The Dye I4 is a popular mask for airsoft and paintball. It fits well to your face and is lightweight. This mask protects you from the hot sun and helps you breathe easier when it’s warm outside. It also has scratch-resistant lenses that let you see in all directions, even when the sun is shining on your eyes. If you want to know more about this product, read our review below.Dye Precision I4 Thermal Paintball Goggle Review

Dye Precision I4 Thermal Goggle Overview

The I4 mouth and jaw protector is made out of thick rubber. This rubber can stop paintballs but it has a little give to it so that you can aim down your sight easier. Your chin may be exposed and if you have your mouth open, your jaw will also be unprotected. The I4 lens is covered in a strong plastic frame. The lens won’t shift and you will have full coverage for areas that the lens doesn’t cover. The earpieces are made of a material that feels like cycling shorts from Dye.

Dye Precision I4 Specification

The wraparound lens is the biggest lens on the market. The dual-pane, anti-fog thermal lens will not fog. The rapid lens change system makes it easy to switch lenses. Scream venting keeps your ears from getting sweaty and hot. Tiger teeth goggle strap retention system gives you a better fit and function. Compression-formed ears are more secure than foam for long activities like biking or running.

Features of Dye Precision I4 Paintball Goggle

Thermal Anti-Fog Lens

The anti-fog lens is a favorite feature and you will not regret the extra money if you buy this model. Sometimes masks can fog up when you play paintball, and this is very annoying. If you buy a cheaper mask, it will fog up. That means stopping the game to wipe down your mask. And you might get hit when you are not looking after your mask’s fogging. Anti-fog lenses work well when they are combined with good ventilation. This will prevent fogging of the lenses. This is not just because of the anti-fog coating. This is because there are two lenses that are close together. The inner lens will absorb the heat from playing, and it won’t be transferred to the outer lens.

Excellent Venting Throughout

The i4 design is great. It has a lot of vents in the front of the frame near your mouth. This makes it easy to breathe and communicate with other people without having to shout all the time. The mask has venting around the mouth. It also has vents on the sides and at the top. All these vents help to keep it from getting too hot and muggy inside and to stop fogging up the lens.

Easy Lens Removal

You can change the lens of your I4 in around ten seconds. On the inside of the strap, there are two small contact points. They’re under where you put your ear, on this side.


Dye didn’t forget anything about the design of the i4. They made earpieces that are soft, flexible and lightweight. And they used “Cool Max” material to make them more comfortable to use. The i4 has a cool design. The earpieces are made of light material and they are soft and flexible. They also help the moisture evaporate from your ears so they feel cooler.

Pros & Cons of Dye precision i4 Thermal Paintball goggle

Pros: This mask is very comfortable. The Triodial lens provides a large field of view and reflects the sun from your eyes. Your face will not get sweaty, so it’s breathable. It is durable and flexible, but lightweight at the same time. You can change its lenses quickly and easily; it has a “Hardcoat” which won’t scratch easily and an anti-fog lens that won’t fog up. There are many color options available in this mask with a sleek, premium look to it all.

Cons: A low-profile mask does not provide as much coverage as a bulkier mask. The forehead is uncovered and there is no visor.

Final Thought

Dye Precision I4 goggles are a good choice to buy. They are small and light so you can wear them. You can use them for airsoft, MilSim, or speedball games. There is a lot of different colors to choose from so you can get the color that you want. The anti-fog lens makes these goggles really good too because they don’t fog up easily and it’s easier to see what is going on when it’s foggy out.

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