Vforce Grill Review: Supreme Paintball Thermal Mask Under $100

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There is no doubt, V-Force Grill is the big name in the industry of paintball masks and has continually expanded its territory in the paintball community. Aside from being among the excellent-looking masks that have ever been made, this grill is also among the best performing unit under $100 – but others may cost close to $179. But that should not mean that the paintball masks don’t have shortcomings.

After doing cumbersome research on V-Force Grill, we managed to get the finer details about this unit. In that regard, we’re going to take you through the features, pros, and cons of the v-force grill. Read on.

The V-force grill is attractive and most players love it. If you’re a paintball player and would like something fancy, this should be the best paintball mask to choose. Besides offering you great vision, the v-force grill paintball mask is also easy to clean. What’s more, you can comfortably wear glasses with ease. Better still, you can change the lens in a matter of seconds.

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Features of V-FORCE GRILL Paintball Thermal Mask

Lens system

The lens has a spherical shape that improves peripheral vision. They usually have a protective coating inside that needs to be removed before usage. These anti-scratch and antifog lenses offer you that vision you have always yearned for without any form of distortions.

Great vision

It is equipped with a smaller lens that offers you the best vision at all times. This prevents any foam of glares that can alter your vision. A big bubble lens distorts your clear vision since it has glares. Therefore, it is a wiser idea to go for a smaller lens for great vision.


It is designed from high-quality plastic materials that are very strong and durable. This means that you can use it for a longer period without any frequent replacements. This can save you so much on costs arising from any replacements.

Comfort Chin Strap

This chin strap can be easily adjusted to suit different persons. This assures you of a perfectly comfortable fit. Additionally, it is made from comfortable materials so that you can wear it throughout your playing time.

Easy to maintain

This is a one-piece paintball mask thus it is easier to clean it. You can easily remove it within a few seconds and soak the mask in hot water for better maintenance. However, you do not soak the foam itself because you will ruin the glue.

Dual-density foam

This feature does not only make the mask to be convenient but also makes it to be the best option. With a dual-density foam system, the unit can dry faster for great convenience.

Pros & Cons of Vforce Grill paintball mask


  • The lens can be removed in a matter of seconds
  • Simple & flawless to replace the foam
  • Offer excellent peripheral vision
  • Easy & straightforward to clean
  • Has a small lens with less glare


  • You can listen to the echo of your voice while talking
  • Foam is not the softest

Final Thoughts

So, any further questions regarding this outstanding Vforce grill? Currently, this is an exemplary paintball mask you can find in the market. It offers a large field of vision, is easy to adjust, and excellent protection against paintballs. If you wish to maintain your edge in speedball or want to play competitively, this is the ultimate mask for you.

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