Empire E-Flex Paintball Mask: Review & Comparison

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If you are looking for a high-quality paintball mask then Empire Eflex has everything that you need. This mask is designed with all of the features that a player needs in order to have an advantage over their opponents. With this review, we will go through some of the best features of this product so that you can make your decision on if it’s right for you.

empire e-flex paintball mask review

Empire E-Flex Specification

The ventilation system for the lens lets you change it quickly. The lens is clear and has no distortion. It is softer and smaller around your face, too. It is comfortable to wear because it doesn’t make your skin itch or hurt. This mask has better weight and breathability than other masks.

Features of Empire EFlex Paintball Goggle

Fog Resistance

Masks that fog up ruin a game. This model comes with a special feature to prevent this from happening. If your mask fogs up, you can wipe it and see where you are shooting. When you play against people who have masks that don’t come with this feature, they might not know where they are shooting. That gives you an advantage in the game because then they can’t shoot right or see well.

Flexible Mouthguard

The Empire E-Flex has a rubber mouthguard. This is good because when playing paintball I can push my face closer to the stock, and then I can see better with my eyes behind the scope or sights.

Excellent Goggle Strap and Chinstrap

The E-Flex paintball mask is different. It will not make you itch and the straps work well. The goggles fit without any problems and don’t move around while you are playing.

I like the chinstrap more because of the extra soft padding. It doesn’t hurt your chin and it is comfortable. You don’t have to take it off, but that’s okay if you want to. There are two snaps on it, so you can take it off without any problems. But if you play in tournaments, they might make you wear a chinstrap.


A warranty is a way to make sure you don’t buy a mask that breaks. This high-quality mask comes with a 1-year warranty which means that if your mask has any problems, it is covered and you won’t lose your money. Ask for the warranty before buying the mask, and make sure there are no problems.

Pros & Cons of Empire EFlex Paintball Mask

Pros: It is comfortable to wear because it has strong materials. The lens is fog resistant and the frame is light as a feather. The frames are updated from an already high-performing version so your eyes will be safe. If you need to take the glasses apart, easy! You can communicate with other players without being stressed because it has a ventilated design.

Cons: You can’t find enough colors for this product. The nose of the mask blocks your vision.

Final Thought

If you need a good mask for playing paintball, then the Empire E-Flex is a good choice. Many people wear this model because it is one of the best in the industry. It will not start to fog up on humid days. The mask also has a lens that lets you see far and it is made out of strong materials.

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