BunkerKings CMD Paintball Mask Review: What You Need to Know

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The BunkerKings CMD paintball mask is without a doubt one of the best paintball masks on the market. If you are looking for a new mask that will last you years, then this is your go-to option. This review will focus on what makes this mask so great and why we think every player should have one in their gear bag.

bunkerkings cmd paintball mask review

BunkerKings CMD Specification

The CMD has a great lens. The lens is perfect because it does not fog. The lens is made of materials that are high quality and have great clarity. All of the lenses also have good depth. The goggles also have vents that help to reduce fogging from breath during use which makes them better than normal goggles. The faceplate is designed to offer a better mouth clearance. This means that there will be more airflow and communication with the CMD. It also offers 300% more protection with anatomically correct geometry and flexible materials.

Features of BunkerKings CMD Paintball Mask

Anti-Fog System

The BunkerKings CMD paintball mask is built with a special lens that is not like any other. It has a thermal pane that keeps the mask from fogging, and it also has great materials inside. People like this mask because it has good vision. It is clear when you are playing. This is important so that you can see where other players are, and know what to do next.


A good paintball mask should let you breathe easily. This one lets us breathe well and the air is not very wet inside it. Warm air is also removed from this mask quickly. This mask is good because it reduces the chance of your mask getting foggy. You can also feel cool while you’re wearing it. Even if you are breathing hard, or sweating, it will not get foggy on the inside. The mask has a big mouth that lets you take deep breaths. The air can go in and out of the sides of your mouth better than before. It is 3 times better at releasing air to your skin than other masks.

The inside of the mask has been shaped to give you good sound quality. You will be able to hear external sounds more easily and your voice will go over greater distances. If you like playing paintball with a group, this is a must-have.

Wearing Comfort

The BunkerKings CMD mask is for the person who wants a soft mask. It is different than other masks because it feels good to wear for long periods of time. With any premium mask, you can replace the foam inside. The BunkerKings CMD has genuine CMD foam. It also feels firmer than other foam materials available. The foam is soft and it also has an extra layer of material, so it feels more comfortable. It can protect your head better because the foam distributes the pressure evenly.

Final Thought

The BunkerKings CMD paintball mask is one of the more expensive masks in the market. But there are many reasons that this mask is worth its high price. This mask has great performance that will make it easier to breathe and not fog up, so you won’t have to worry about messing up your mask with sweat or rainwater on the lens. There is also a lot of technology built into this mask-like thermal lens and great ventilation, which makes it comfortable for you to use all day long.

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