BunkerKings CMD Paintball Mask Review

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In this post, we’re going to detail the BunkerKings CMD paintball mask review. If you need to see, communicate, and breathe better, Bunkerkings CMD is your ultimate choice. This well-known brand is a great addition to the paintball google tech.

Designed using a quick-change VIO lens unit, you’ll notice the difference in this mask immediately after you wear it. Each section of this unit has been modified and made to offer the best performance throughout all conditions. When it was being designed, fog-free functionality was a priority.

Further, the BK command comes with a larger goggle strap, hence offering sufficient grip without the requirement of an extra strap.

Also, since it uses a soft silicone grip on the interior, a secure fit is guaranteed and head pressure is reduced. What’s more, the new width of the goggle strap also allows you to display any suckers in your BunkerKings design swag.

With that in mind, let’s now find out the key features that BunkerKings, one of the best paintball masks has and the pros and cons it has as well.

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Features of  Bunkerkings CMD Paintball Goggles

Anti-fog system

Featuring some vents around the mouth area, it helps to reduce any fogging effects while in use. The thermal pane offers you the best anti-fog performance at all times. It combines with high-definition materials and optics of lenses so that see clearly without any disruptions.

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The faceplate is well designed to bounce and flex to avoid hurting your head. It helps to eliminate any echoing. With the combination of porting you can now communicate more effectively without any distractions.

Ultra-wide goggle strap

The goggle straps are wise enough to offer you a better grip without any double strap. The inside has a soft silicone grip that offers you a more secure fit while reducing any pressure on your head. This also helps to display any suckers on the mask.


The faceplate features the best mouth clearance techniques which help to improve both breathability and airflow. This assures the needed ventilation and gets rid of any moisture and warm air out at once. These air exhaust zones enable you to breathe properly without any glare production while in the field.

Wearing Comfort

You should always remain comfortable while wearing this paintball mask. This means that it should be well designed to keep you feeling comfy throughout. They feature interchangeable foam with a layer of soft plush microfiber for comfort purposes. Moreover, it has a wider shape to avoid any pressure on your face.

Pros & Cons of BunkerKings CMD Paintball Mask


  • Soft facemask with an aggressive look
  • Enables you to communicate better
  • Offers you supreme comfort


  • Unlocking the lens is somehow difficult

Final Thoughts

BK is now the real deal when it comes to delivering the best paintball goggles. It features the latest and novel features that make it the best ultimate option for someone who is starting. Comfort and protection are guaranteed, you’ll like it. Even better, the anti-fog features mean that you’ll see exceptionally well. So, if you need the best and trendy paintball now, don’t hesitate to consider this!

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